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Happy student in class Elementary Learners (K-5)

A Coordinator of Continuous Improvement Supports a Transitioning District

368694 Dyslexia

Struggling Third-Graders Make Quick and Dramatic Gains

788696 Elementary Learners (K-5)

The Art of Transitioning a District

Rural town Middle School Learners (6-8)

Rural Wisconsin Middle School Customizes Learning for At-Risk Students

Parent homeschooling children Elementary Learners (K-5)

Homeschooled 5th Grader Jumps Two Grade Levels with MindPlay

English online for kids. Home classroom. Kids homeschooling onli Dyslexia

Dyslexic Second-Grader Struggles with Literacy Basics. MindPlay Helps Her Read.

Student e-learning with tablet and headphones Dyslexia

MindPlay Celebrates National Dyslexia Awareness Month With New Testimonials Showing Successful Interventions for Struggling Readers

Boy using computer at home Homeschool Learners

Homeschooled 12-Year-Old Makes Huge Reading Gains with MindPlay

Elementary School Computer Science Classroom: Diverse Group of L Elementary Learners (K-5)

Mastery of Reading: First and Second Graders Develop Skills and a Love of Reading

Young happy schoolboy using computer to search internet. Arab child learning to use computer at elementary school. Portrait of smiling middle eastern kid looking at camera while surfing the net in school library. High School Learners (9-12)

Years of Academic Failure Reversed for Troubled High School Student

Elementary Students Working At Computers In Classroom News and Events

MindPlay CASE Endorsement

Middle eastern boy holding stack of books against multi colored bookshelf in library. Portrait of happy african schoolboy with textbooks smiling at camera in school library Middle School Learners (6-8)

Student Greatly Improves Reading, Spelling, Stuttering Issues

A beautiful caucasian female student is studying in college remotely. She is sitting at a table at home with a laptop and a notepad and concentrated is watching a video conference lesson ELL

Exchange Student Masters the English Language

Student e-learning with tablet and headphones High School Learners (9-12)

The World Opens Up to a Cognitively Disabled High School Student

788696 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Students Make Outstanding Reading Gains Using MVRC with Fidelity

Team meeting Dyslexia

MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia Expands Teacher Awareness and Improves Teaching Strategies

368694 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Using MVRC with Fidelity Pushes Students to Read on Grade Level

Line Of High School Students Working at Screens In Computer Class Middle School Learners (6-8)

Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)

Multiethnic school kids using computer in classroom at elementary school. Portrait of arab boy looking at camera in a computer room. Smiling primary student in a row using desktop pc in class room. Dyslexia

Reading Intervention Students Succeed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)

female teacher with students on computers Elementary Learners (K-5)

All Types of Reading Students at Wakulla Charter School Accomplish Outstanding Results on MVRC

772718 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Fourth-Grade Students with Disabilities Improve Their Reading Skills

Children reading Elementary Learners (K-5)

Dyslexic Elementary School Students Succeed Using MVRC

Teenage Students ELL

Middle and High School “Critical” Readers Succeed on MVRC

children reading Middle School Learners (6-8)

Middle School Fragile Readers Improve Their Reading Scores Using MVRC