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Concepts on blackboard at school. Young people, students and pupils in classroom. Smart hispanic girl writing math formula on board during lesson. Portrait of female child smiling, looking at camera Research

Fostering Math Mastery: Unlock Potential with MindPlay Math’s Adaptive Learning

student with headphones using dyslexia screener. Blogs

MindPlay’s Dyslexia Screener for Students

keeping-with-routine-title-blog Resources

Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout the School year

Happy African American teacher and school kids using touchpad on a class at the school. High School Learners (9-12)

Middle and High School Students Leap in Reading Skills with MindPlay

Mother and daughter looking at notebook near laptop on desk at home on blurred background Homeschool Learners

MindPlay Awarded 2018 Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resource

Cute little children reading books in park Research

MindPlay Reading Foundational Research

Math, education or teacher helping a child in a classroom with learning development, growth or studying. Writing, notebook or black woman teaching, talking or speaking to a young African boy student. Blogs

Improve Student Math Skills with MindPlay Education

Saturation-levels Blogs

Saturation Levels

Lightsail-1080x1080-block News and Events

MindPlay Acquires LightSail Education

Progress Blogs

Do Grades Show Progress?

kids in computer lab doing universal screener for students Blogs

MindPlay’s Universal Screener for Students

math screener for students Blogs

MindPlay’s Math Screener for Students

Dyslexia myths Blogs

Myths and Facts about Dyslexia

Elementary School Science Classroom: Teacher Explains to a Smart News and Events

MindPlay Education is now an “Approved Provider”

step-by-step-1080x1080 Blogs

Student Learning Pace Matters

Pencil-graph-1080x1080 Blogs

Data Worth Publishing or Rather…. Saturating

Positive young woman helping daughter in searching information for homework on internet while sitting together at table with laptop at home Dyslexia

A Dyslexic Student Finds Success with MindPlay

Side view at diverse group of children sitting in row at school classroom and using laptops Elementary Learners (K-5)

Long-Struggling Nevada ELLs See Great Progress with MindPlay

Children reading Elementary Learners (K-5)

Homeless Students Find Hope For Reading Mastery

Lesson in the class of high school students, female teacher sitting at desk with male student teenager. Elementary Learners (K-5)

Special Education Facilitator Sees Broad Skill Growth with MindPlay

1227803 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Texas District Goes From D grade to B (Part 2)

1227804 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Texas District Goes From D grade to B (Part 1)

teacher with class Research

Relation between MVRC and ELA Standards: Exploration of One-Year Data from a High-Poverty Urban School District

772718 Elementary Learners (K-5)

Working With MindPlay and Challenged Students: A Teacher’s Own Words

Diverse group of children with male teacher using laptop together in modern school classroom Case Studies

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach: Does It Affect Reading Fluency in Elementary School?