Unlocking the Joy of Reading: Personalized Libraries for Tailored Reading Experiences

Personalized Library offers students the ability to read whole books at their Lexile® level to foster engagement. Our mission is to create inviting, fun reading experiences for every learner in their reading journey.

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Encouraging Learning & Exploration with Strong Reading Foundations

MindPlay Reading Studio contains a personalized library that is individualized to every learner with access to thousands of engaging,  high-interest texts and activities within their Zone of Proximal Development. 

With just 25 minutes of daily reading, students can increase their Lexile® level by 2+ years in a single academic year through:

  • Embedded Assessments: Cloze assessments adapt each student’s library every 15 days.
  • Enhanced Access & Motivation: Thousands of Lexiled, high-interest fiction and nonfiction English and Spanish books, including Audiobooks.
  • Personalized Reading Experiences: Equitable e-reader allows students to personalize their reading experience to meet their visual, auditory, or behavioral needs.
  • Track Progress & Growth: Real-time insights empower data-driven decision-making for educators and families.

Streamline Personalization, Progress Monitoring, and Planning for Teachers

The MindPlay Personalized Library includes visual reporting to reflect Lexile-level  progress simplifying growth and goal measures for students and educators alike.

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How it Works

Step 1: Students begin with a Lexile® assessment

Step 2: Based on the students’ Lexile® level, the system automatically personalizes the recommended books in their library

Step 3: Embedded cloze items assess each student’s comprehension & Lexile® growth 

Step 4: Every 15 days, student reading levels are reassessed and then assigned an updated Lexile® level

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Bridge the Gap between Acquisition and Application

Teachers use the Personalized Library for all learners, including: 

Emergent Bilingual Students

  • Culturally relevant texts in English and Spanish
  • Audiobooks
  • Books readily available to integrate content areas
  • Provides opportunities for students to write personal responses to books read to check for understanding


  • Decodable Books to reinforce phonics instruction
  • Age-appropriate, high-interest texts
  • Based on the students' Lexile® level, the system automatically personalizes the recommended books in their library

Advanced Readers

  • Offers more sophisticated and challenging reading materials
  • Provides book recommendations

Special Education

  • Customizable templates to meet visual, auditory, and behavioral accommodations each student needs to read confidently
  • Adapts books for easier decoding

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Personalized e-Reader Adapts to the Needs of Each Student

The Personalized Library is designed to support all students with adaptive technology that can: 

  • Increases accessibility for students with behavioral, visual, or auditory accommodations to find reading success. 
  • Begin with pre-selected and customizable templates designed by our team of Special Education experts. 

Embedded Assessments & Built-in Motivation

  • Progress monitoring is embedded into daily practice in a natural way
  • Students answer multiple-choice, written-response, and cloze assessments throughout each text
  • Automatically updates the selections in each reader’s library as the student grows – that way, students are always reading just right text
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MindPlay Decodable Books:
Strengthening Early Reading Foundations

Traditional decodable books in classrooms often fall short of preparing students for the transition to more complex texts. MindPlay Decodable Books bridge this gap, ensuring students move beyond predictable words and strengthen essential phonics skills for future reading success.