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Assess, Acquire, Apply: A Personalized Intervention System That Meets Each Student Where They Are

MindPlay Reading Studio simplifies differentiation while ensuring students have access to high-quality lessons and activities to rebuild or master essential reading skills with:

Screen & Monitor Progress

MindPlay Signals 

  • Utilizing a Universal Screener for progress monitoring assesses teaching effectiveness, while our Dyslexia Screener detects signs of dyslexia in K-3 students
  • Robust, formative data & progress monitoring

Reading Acquisition

MindPlay Reading Coach

  • Adaptive instruction based on student's areas for growth to ensure mastery
  • Silent reading texts at variable rates to improve fluency
  • Intervention Report groups students struggling with similar concepts

Focused Application

MindPlay Personalized Library

  • Decodable Books to reinforce phonics instruction
  • Based on the students' Lexile® level, the system automatically recommends books in their Zone of Proximal Development.
  • Personalized Reader designed to provide individual learning accommodations.

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Empower Students to Grow at Their Pace

Students progress at their own pace, providing additional instruction  and reinforcement through practical application. 

  • Standards-aligned, explicit instruction aligned to Science of Reading 
  • Delivered by on-screen certified speech pathologists
  • Immediate corrective feedback to guide learning and activate prior knowledge

Implements Effective Instructional Strategies

MindPlay Reading Coach is built using the Orton-Gillingham approach. With MindPlay, students will experience:   

  • Personalized: Engages students in creating learning activities based on their interests and curiosity.
  • Differentiated: Tailors instruction to individual students’ needs, preferences, and goals, with flexible assessment.
  • Individualized: Students progress through the curriculum at their own pace based on their learning needs.
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Navigating Personalized Learning to Enhance Student Outcomes

Explore the transformative power of personalized education and discover its importance, how technology fosters personalization, and strategies for embracing diverse learning styles.

Master Essential Skills in MindPlay Reading Studio:

Phonological Awareness – On-screen speech pathologists model correct articulation and sound production

Phonics – Instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham method

Fluency – Structured practice designed to increase speed, accuracy, and comprehension

Comprehension – Varied levels of instruction differentiated to each student's needs

Vocabulary – Emphasizes the most frequently used English words

Grammar – English language instruction to help students comprehend text

Decodable Books – Application of newly learned phonics skills

Personalized Library – Books in each student's Zone of Proximal Development

Actionable Reports that Save Teachers Time

Make data-driven decisions to unlock student success. Easily monitor progress, measure growth, create small groups, or differentiate instruction with student, class, school, or district data on: 

  • Achievement 
  • Error
  • Fluency
  • Improvement 
  • Intervention 
  • Usage
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Keep Parents Involved and Engaged with Parent Reports

  • Keep parents informed on their child’s benchmark and reading progress
  • Reports are delivered in friendly language with clear visuals of their child’s growth 
  • Delivered in Spanish and English
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What Other Partners Are Saying

"The best motivation for students to continue working on their reading skills with MindPlay is the growth they're seeing. Once students see that they've made a year's growth, that's a major incentive."

Julie White
SPED Facilitator

"MindPlay has the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each student, coming up with a different approach or new activity every time a learner is struggling with a concept."

Jim Dalluhn
Middle School Principal

"I have been using Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach Program for seven years. This program has helped my students gain confidence through the routine activities as well as improve in reading and phonics. Some students have gained over three years of growth in less than 20 hours of usage. As a reading specialist at the secondary level, I highly recommend Mindplay."

Stephanie Arnold
Montgomery County School District (Virginia)

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