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Achieve Mastery with Individualized, Differentiated Instruction Inside the Reading Studio

At MindPlay, we recognize every student’s distinct reading needs. Reading Studio starts with an initial assessment to pinpoint each student’s strengths, opportunities, and unique capabilities. Students achieve growth as they work towards mastery with explicit, systematic instruction designed to engage them along their reading journey.

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Learning Paths Designed for Mastery & Motivation

Keep students motivated and accelerate progress. MindPlay Reading Studio provides a cohesive system for teachers to effectively meet the needs of all students with:

Screen & Monitor Progress

MindPlay Signals 

  • Quickly identifies strengths and reading challenges  
  • Actionable insights for families and educators
  • Streamline IEP and 504 implementation with ongoing progress monitoring and strength-based goal setting using incremental growth

Reading Acquisition

MindPlay Reading Coach

  • Phonics instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham method
  • Interactive and engaging activities for various learning styles
  • Provide ample practice opportunities to ensure mastery

Focused Application

MindPlay Personalized Library

  • Decodable books to reinforce phonics instruction
  • Personalized Reader uses specialized templates to instantly accommodate individual learning requirements
  • Audiobooks for enhanced accessibility of text

Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener Accurately Signals At-Risk Indicators

MindPlay Signals includes an evidence-based Dyslexia screener for K-3 students.

With just a 15-25 minute assessment, educators can identify children who may be at risk of dyslexia. By understanding and addressing the reading challenges faced by students with dyslexia, educators and parents can help these students develop their reading skills and foster a love for reading.

Master Essential Skills in the Studio

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Whole Class

Utilize Personalized Reader during whole class or group reading

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Small Group

Identify students struggling with similar concepts and utilize supplemental worksheets to provide targeted intervention

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Scaffolded learning paths grounded in the Orton-Gillingham method provide direct, explicit instruction

What Other Partners Are Saying

We have been using MindPlay since I became the building principal! We have seen tremendous growth with this as an intervention for students to grow from where they are! #Superfan

Kristin Tubb
Principal, Washington Elementary (Big Spring ISD)

"MindPlay has the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each student, coming up with a different approach or new activity every time a learner is struggling with a concept."

Jim Dalluhn
Middle School Principal

"The best motivation for students to continue working on their reading skills with MindPlay is the growth they're seeing. Once students see that they've made a year's growth, that's a major incentive."

Julie White
SPED Facilitator

"I have been using Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach Program for seven years. This program has helped my students gain confidence through the routine activities as well as improve in reading and phonics. Some students have gained over three years of growth in less than 20 hours of usage. As a reading specialist at the secondary level, I highly recommend Mindplay."

Stephanie Arnold
Montgomery County School District (Virginia)

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