Complete Reading Intervention System

Designed to accelerate growth and ensure skills mastery by combining high-quality instruction aligned to the Science of Reading, with adaptive technology, integrated assessments, and a Lexile®-driven library to accelerate growth.

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All-in-One Picture of Each Learner’s Reading Strengths

Educator dashboard empowers the teacher with a comprehensive view of each child’s learning strengths and growth areas, while automatically assigning exactly what is needed.

A Personalized Approach Begins with Knowing the Student

Students start with a universal screener to evaluate their reading abilities, revealing both strengths and areas for growth.

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On-Screen Coaches Teach Fundamental Reading Skills

Speech and language pathologists provide:

  • Oral language instruction: Demonstrates proper articulation and mouth placement.
  • Immediate corrective feedback: Encourages confidence and reinforces learning.
  • Explicit, systematic, and scaffolded instruction: Ensures clear and structured learning progressions.
  • Differentiated instruction: Offers 9-15 levels to meet diverse student needs.
  • Pattern recognition strategies: Enhances comprehension by identifying language patterns.
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Reading Coaches Teach the
Essential Components of Reading

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Phonological Awareness

On-screen speech pathologists model correct articulation and sound production.

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Instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham method.

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Structured practice designed to increase speed, accuracy, and comprehension.

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Varied levels of instruction differentiated to each student's needs.


English language instruction to help students comprehend text.

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Emphasizes the most frequently used English words.

Students Enhance their Learning in the Personalized Library

Students apply their newly acquired skills enriching their learning journey with supportive resources including:

  • Lexile levels updated every 15 days to tailor libraries within each student’s Zone of Proximal Development.
  • Personalized e-reader crafted to meet individual learning needs.
  • Decodable books that strengthen phonics instruction.
  • Engaging, culturally relevant texts in both English and Spanish.
  • A selection of audiobooks.
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Keys to Unlocking Student Success

At MindPlay Education, we are dedicated to addressing the needs of both students and teachers. MindPlay Reading Studio is meticulously crafted to cater to every learner at their individual stage in the reading process. Our goal is to accelerate learning progress, enhance student involvement, and equip educators with essential data and tools to support each student effectively.

Improve Student Outcomes

Deliver high-quality individualized, differentiated instruction catered to the diverse needs, interests, and abilities of students.

Empower Educators

With data-driven insights, real-time feedback, and personalized instruction, educators can make informed decisions to meet students where they are academically.

Ensure Equity & Accessibility

MindPlay’s inclusive reading environment empowers educators to cultivate a community of lifelong learners and future leaders by addressing diverse learning needs, promoting student engagement, and ensuring accessibility.

Encourage the Love of Reading

A variety of engaging books and activities to make reading enjoyable, with the aim of helping everyone find the pleasure in reading and gain new knowledge along the journey.

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Monitor Progress & Celebrate Growth

Easy progress monitoring  allows educators to analyze achievements, create small groups, or differentiate instruction  at the student, class, school, or district level: 

  • Achievement 
  • Error
  • Fluency
  • Improvement 
  • Intervention 
  • Usage

Keep Families Involved and Engaged with Parent Reports

  • Reports highlight child’s reading progress with clear visuals of their growth 
  • Delivered in Spanish and English
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Driving Growth: Accelerating Reading Success with MindPlay

In a research study between MindPlay and LXD Research, it was observed that students made substantial gains. Notably, 32% of second to sixth-graders reading at a K-2 grade level achieved a minimum of two years' skill growth.

What Other Partners Are Saying

MindPlay has been the best intervention I have used with my students throughout my 23-year career. MindPlay uses data to provide targeted instruction working toward mastery. It embeds the Specialized Academic Instruction students need and provides interventions, based on the Science of Reading where students are making gains across all areas of literacy, including fluency. It helped get my 7th grader reading at the 3rd grade level up to grade level by 11th grade! MindPlay works for students. MindPlay works for teachers. MINDPLAY WORKS!!

Gillian Brittan
District Literacy & Inclusion TOSA, San Dieguito Union High School District

"The best motivation for students to continue working on their reading skills with MindPlay is the growth they're seeing. Once students see that they've made a year's growth, that's a major incentive."

Julie White
SPED Facilitator

"MindPlay has the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each student, coming up with a different approach or new activity every time a learner is struggling with a concept."

Jim Dalluhn
Middle School Principal