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The Science Behind LightSail

Learn about the research basis behind LightSail in this white paper created by MetaMetrics, a leading educational research organization, recognized worldwide for its distinct value in differentiating instruction and personalizing learning. 

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Grade Level Gains in Months, Not Years

MindPlay uses a Structured Literacy Approach supported by the Science of Reading. Instruction is systematic and explicit, provides corrective feedback, and includes opportunities to practice new skills and review prior learning.

Proven Success with Diverse Students

English Language Learner

MindPlay Reading can help students with basic English skills make significant progress in reading. On-screen speech pathologists assist with phonics, creating a supportive learning environment and building a foundation for success.

Reading Skills Gap

Our adaptive technology assesses each student and determines their strengths and weaknesses; then creates a customized learning plan. Readers learn only what they need to learn so they stay engaged and gain mastery.


Struggling readers find empowerment with MindPlay Reading. We deliver the right support and lessons to help them stay engaged and motivated, allowing them to build skills and gain confidence.

Special Education

MindPlay was originally developed to meet the needs of students with severe reading challenges. Our program has specific, targeted exercises and lessons to help students that struggle to read.

The Research Behind MindPlay Math

Learn about the research basis behind MindPlay Math in this white paper created by MetaMetrics, a leading educational research organization, recognized worldwide for its distinct value in differentiating instruction and personalizing learning. 

Engaging Math That’s Standards Aligned

MindPlay Math is a research-based, personalized learning program that will help your students master core math concepts and increase their confidence in math. It’s self-paced and easy to use!

Explicit Instruction

MindPlay Math is based on best practices using precise modeling, think-aloud explanations, multiple examples, and immediate corrective feedback.

Visual Representation

MindPlay Math visually represents concepts using various methods like, number lines, tape diagrams, pictures, graphs, and graphic organizers.

Schema-based Instruction

MindPlay Math teaches students to identify problem types and use diagrams to develop effective strategies for accurately solving word problems.

Children using math program on tablets

A Scientifically Proven Orton Gillingham Approach


Engages multiple senses for learning letters & sounds, aiding retention.

Structured & Sequential

Systematic & cumulative concepts to avoid knowledge gaps.


Emphasizes letter-sound relationships for improved abilities.

Direct & Explicit Instruction

Clear, explicit teaching to prevent misconceptions & confusion.

Individualized & Adaptable

Customized to meet student needs & learning styles.

Feedback & Reinforcement

Continuous feedback for error correction and reinforcement.

Six benefits of MindPlay

MindPlay’s online education software unlocks the success of millions of students with its nationally recognized online: Reading Acceleration, Math Curriculum and Learning Assessments software.

Improved Literacy Outcomes

MindPlay Education can help schools and districts improve literacy outcomes for all students.

Individualized Support

Individualized support to assist students in overcoming their specific learning challenges.

Multisensory Learning

A multi-sensory approach to help students better understand and retain information.

Evidence-Based Instruction

MindPlay Education's instruction is based on the latest research in reading science.


The online format can help level the playing field for students with limited access to resources.

Increased Engagement

The program's interactive and engaging activities can help struggling students stay motivated and engaged.

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