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MindPlay has combined proven learning methods with adaptive technology to empower students on a life-long journey of learning. Our online math and reading programs advance skills and gets results.

LightSail is now a part of MindPlay!

The most adaptive reading experience ever!
  • Personalized reading modules
  • Fluency builder
  • Expansive Library
  • Shorter texts and whole books
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Why MindPlay

To support learning growth

Limitless Learning

Empowering students one mind at a time

We help students build a foundation for the future. Our online programs empower students with the skills to unlock a lifetime of learning and success.

Assess. Advance. Achieve.

Our adaptive technology assesses a student’s skill level and then customizes a curriculum to address that student’s individual learning needs.

Dyslexia Screener

MindPlay’s Dyslexia Screener for students takes into account multiple factors such as age, cognitive level, reading speed and accuracy. Plus, we provide detailed results with personalized recommendations for improving academic performance.

Our Solutions

We are passionate about empowering students for a lifetime of learning and success. Our reading and math programs have proven results and are standards-aligned. We offer solutions that boost academic achievement and build confidence.