Unlock Student Success in Math

Help students master essential math skills with actionable insights into their skill level and progress.

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Faster Screening

MindPlay’s Math Screener is designed to measure students’ skill levels and progress so you know exactly where they stand. Using this information, educators can make informed decisions about instructional lesson plans, tailoring them to each student and providing personalized support when and where most needed.

  • Quickly and accurately identify a student’s skill level in each strand
  • Individual test items are selected based on the student’s target standard alignment
  • After each assessment, the student will receive an Overall Math Skills Level (composite) score based on the average of all domains

Make Informed Decisions For Your
Learner's Individual Math Needs

MindPlay’s Math Screener quickly and accurately delivers insights into a student’s strengths and areas of growth in mathematics so instruction can be tailored to meet individual student needs.

With MindPlay’s Math Screener, educators will be able to:

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Ability Assessment

Assess a student’s ability to apply math skills to solve problems

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Detailed Reports & Insights

Get detailed reports with actionable insights into performance

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Identify Areas of Growth

Identify the unique strengths and areas of growth within each domain


Access comprehensive data analysis that allows for informed decision-making regarding how to best support learners


Personalize instruction automatically using MindPlay’s adaptive technology that adjusts difficulty level based on student responses


Easily integrate with existing curriculum materials

Why MindPlay Math Screener?

Math literacy is essential for success in school and beyond. Math assessments are a powerful tool that helps parents, educators, and school administrators assess skills quickly and accurately, ensuring students have the best chance of achieving in math at any level.

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For Educators

MindPlay is your partner in learning. We’re dedicated to ensuring students have access to the tools they need to achieve in math. Our adaptive technology and real-time reporting let you give every student the lessons they need to improve at a level they can excel at. With MindPlay, you get individualized, sequential, incremental, cumulative lessons that motivate and inspire students.

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For Families

MindPlay is dedicated to helping you help your child achieve success in math. With an online learning program that delivers custom lessons designed specifically for your child’s ability and skill level, you’ll see a difference in no time – and our real-time reporting lets you see it firsthand. MindPlay makes learning math engaging, accessible, and effective.

What Other Partners Are Saying

Mindplay is simple to use for both teachers and students. The program engages students to improve their math skills. The more time they spend with the program the more they understand and enjoy math.

Hailey Floyd

MindPlay Math is like nothing I have ever seen before. The material and graphics allow my students to focus on the critical thinking, problem-solving, and arithmetic associated with math in a whole new and exciting way. This dynamic and self-paced approach has greatly increased my students' interest in math overall since we started the program. MindPlay Math is an amazing supplement to your regular mathematics material that any educator can appreciate.

Nicholas LeBlanc

As the Headmaster of a K-12 school, I believe that every student should have access to the most advanced and effective educational resources this country has to offer. After using Mindplay’s software products for language arts, and more recently math, I enthusiastically endorse both.

David Jones

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