A Complete Collection of Decodable Books,
Designed to Complement
Phonics Instruction

Decodable books are essential in early reading instruction, helping children practice,
build confidence, and reinforce phonics skills.

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MindPlay Decodable Books:
Strengthening Early Reading Foundations

Traditional decodable books in classrooms often fall short of preparing students for the transition to more complex texts. MindPlay Decodable Books bridge this gap, ensuring students move beyond predictable words and strengthen essential phonics skills for future reading success.

  • Aligned with the Science of Reading research
  • Follows and explicit, systematic scope and sequence
  • Apply phonics knowledge, helping students master decoding and become more fluent readers
  • Age-appropriate, high-interest, and culturally-relevant decodable texts for middle and high school students
  • Seamlessly integrates into classroom or small group instruction, enriching the learning experience and promoting student engagement
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Discover the MindPlay Reading Studio

MindPlay Decodable Books are part of the MindPlay Reading Studio, designed to support phonics instruction. This collection includes books for all grade levels, suitable for core instruction in younger grades and intervention in upper grades. It features books to reinforce foundational skills, review books, and high-interest articles for struggling readers.

Effective Strategies for Teachers:
Making the Most of the Decodable Book Collection

The Collection supports readers in building confidence, reinforcing phonics, and developing independent reading skills through: 

Targeted Intervention

Useful for targeted reading interventions, needing extra phonics and decoding support.

Differentiated Instruction

Can be used in various classroom settings for differentiated instruction, helping small groups or individual students practice specific phonetic patterns.

Improved Reading Fluency

Helps students improve fluency by practicing smooth, expressive reading with a focus on pacing, intonation, and accuracy.

Homework or Independent Reading

Assigning decodable books for homework or independent reading time encourages students to practice outside the classroom, applying their phonics skills in a low-pressure setting and at their own pace.

What Other Partners Are Saying:

"MindPlay has the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each student, coming up with a different approach or new activity every time a learner is struggling with a concept."

Jim Dalluhn
Middle School Principal

"The best motivation for students to continue working on their reading skills with MindPlay is the growth they're seeing. Once students see that they've made a year's growth, that's a major incentive."

Julie White
SPED Facilitator

We have been using MindPlay since I became the building principal! We have seen tremendous growth with this as an intervention for students to grow from where they are! #Superfan

Kristin Tubb
Principal, Washington Elementary (Big Spring ISD)

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