A Dyslexic Student Finds Success with MindPlay

A Veteran Educator Finds Success with Her Daughter Using MindPlay Reading During the Pandemic MindPlay is a financially accessible solution that targets K-12 students. Erica is an educator, homeschooler, and private tutor with a special certification in Structured Literacy. A parent of two children with dyslexia, she does her part to help find solutions as […]

“I love MindPlay! Love it!”

“My 13 year old son began using mind play at age 12 and in grade 7. His phonics level was at at or near grade 1. His reading was at or near grade 3. We were desperate! I pulled him out of school and we started Mindplay. It is less than 1 year and he […]

Reading Independence with MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach

(The following was originally published on www.notsoformulaic.com) Do you have a child who struggles with reading? Get her on the road to reading independence with MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach.  This post was sponsored by MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach. I received complementary access to the program and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own. Kids don’t […]

How We Use Online Learning to Help Struggling Readers

(The following was originally published on www.thekennedyadventures.com) Are you trying to help struggling readers in your homeschool? Take a look at how we use MindPlay to build fluency skills. My kids come from a long line of readers. My grandmothers and mother love to read, and I was a certifiable literary nerd in high school and […]

Early Literacy for Struggling Readers

(The following was originally posted on www.austisticmama.com) I’ve always been a reader. I went to Kindergarten already reading and fell in love with chapter books while most kids were working out their CVC words. Mr. C was just like me. He started reading at three and was reading chapters by 5. Of course, this was because I’m […]

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coaching: Assessment and Support for My Struggling Reader

(The following was originally published on https://www.hswotrainingwheels.com) by Lynna Sutherland Like any over-enthusiastic, planning-to-homeschool mom, I started reviewing letters and phonics with my oldest when he was three. He learned them quickly and was “reading” three-letter words just days before his fourth birthday. But even though we continued instruction and practice, it wasn’t all sunshine and […]

Online Tool for Struggling Readers

(The following was originally published on http://www.ourgoodfamily.org) I’ve mentioned before that Sophie struggled to read, and I felt like a failure as both a homeschool mom and a parent. We kept working though, and once everything clicked I never find her without a book in her hand! Bella, having listened to her sister complain about reading is now […]

MindPlay Reading for Dyslexic Learners

Homeschooling with Dyslexia and Struggling Readers (The following was originally published on https://www.laramolettiere.com) Dyslexia is a challenge. It is also a gift of sorts, allowing the person to view the world in a different way. Learning to build our homeschool curriculum choices around dyslexia has been a rewarding and sometimes frustrating journey. Because Mr. T wants […]

MindPlay Virtual Literacy Coach for Kids

(The following was originally published on https://www.themomentsathome.com) MindPlay Virtual Literacy Coach for Kids Today my son graduated from kindergarten which means he’s headed to first grade. He’s not fully reading yet and while it’s not expected of first graders in his group to be reading, I can’t help but think of how he started a little […]

Struggling Readers & A Program That Works

(The following was originally published on http://faithfilledparenting.com) DISCLAIMER: I RECEIVED A TRIAL PERIOD OF THIS PRODUCT FOR FREE, WAS COMPENSATED FOR MY TIME. ALL OPTIONS ARE HONEST, I WAS NOT REQUIRED TO WRITE A POSITIVE REVIEW, AND I USE THIS PROGRAM DAILY WITH MY CHILDREN. Before I had kids, I would dream of what my life would […]