Long-Struggling Nevada ELLs See Great Progress with MindPlay

District Profile: Nye County (NV) School District Student Population: enrolled 5,393; special needs, 15%; ELL, 9%; economically challenged, 80% Schools: 17 District Characteristics: urban, suburban and rural; low performance Educator Profiled: Richard Wiley, Director of Student Achievement, Alternative and Adult Education When Richard Wiley assumed his role as Director of Student Achievement, Alternative and Adult Education in Nye […]

Special Education Facilitator Sees Broad Skill Growth with MindPlay

District Profile: Spring Branch ISD, Houston, TX Student Population: • 35,000 students • 54.4% at-risk • diverse, with a large percentage of English language learners • socio-economic: wide range, from high to low Julie White is the Special Education facilitator for Spring Branch ISD in the greater Houston area. With a background as a reading […]

Working With MindPlay and Challenged Students: A Teacher’s Own Words

How 16 Learning-Disabled Students in Boca Raton (FLA) made huge strides with MindPlay. An Interview with Maria Laing, Elementary Special Education Teacher, A.D. Henderson School/FAU High School, Boca Raton, FL. When my principal introduced me to MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC), I thoroughly researched the program. My students need a lot of repetition and explicit […]

Ohio Middle and Elementary Students See Up to Four Times Greater Reading Growth with MindPlay

Reading Challenge: An Ohio district is faced with 129 identified middle and elementary school struggling readers. District Profile: 1100 students; Grades K-12; 40% Free/Reduced Lunch The Story At Cardinal Local School District, in Middlefield, OH, Speech Therapist Dr. Melissa Butler is in charge of screening and providing interventions for struggling grades three-through-eight students. In September 2017, […]

Early Literacy for Struggling Readers

(The following was originally posted on www.austisticmama.com) I’ve always been a reader. I went to Kindergarten already reading and fell in love with chapter books while most kids were working out their CVC words. Mr. C was just like me. He started reading at three and was reading chapters by 5. Of course, this was because I’m […]

National Reading Month Success Series: Middle School Struggling Readers Average Two Years’ Grade Level Growth in One Semester

Special Education and struggling readers make dramatic reading gains with MindPlay literacy online program March 7, 2018, Tucson, AZ—MindPlay online reading and literacy publisher announces dramatic gains for struggling students at the grade six-through-eight Lou Mendive Middle School in Reno, Nevada. In August, the average reading level for most Mendive English language learners was third […]

Learning Disabled Elementary School Students Excel on MVRC

Reading Challenge: Making progress with first-to-fifth grade students who face a range of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, and other challenges. At Sherwood Elementary School in the Pulaski County Special School District in Sherwood, Arkansas, Special Education teacher Melody Morris is faced with the challenge of improving literacy outcomes for students at multiple grade […]

Struggling Third-Graders Make Quick and Dramatic Gains

Reading Challenge: More than 50 percent critical ESL, ELL struggling and dyslexic readers “What’s powerful is that students can see and hear word pronunciations through an actual reading coach,” says Misty Simpson, a 12-year education veteran and Reading and Social Studies teacher at Blake Manor Elementary in the Manor (Texas) Independent School District. “This makes […]