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“I love MindPlay! Love it!”

Michael Vergara Published: March 19, 2018

“My 13 year old son began using mind play at age 12 and in grade 7. His phonics level was at at or near grade 1. His reading was at or near grade 3. We were desperate! I pulled him out of school and we started Mindplay. It is less than 1 year and he is now at a phonics level of grade 6, reading comprehension 6, and fluency grade 6!!! I am shocked. My son has so much pride now… he looks at his progress with bright eyes each time he checks the charts to see if he has made improvements. We love how the program is fully online and fully adaptive. I don’t have to do anything to help him – that is not say that I do not ever look at what he is doing, but I don’t have to! He works for 30 minutes 5 days per week and never complains. He did complain when we started, but he hasn’t complained in months. He knows where Mindplay is taking him and he says “straight to a 12th grade reading level.” We will renew each year until he gets to where he needs to be.

I think it is important also to note that I have called the Mindplay contact number 3 times since we started to speak to a “teacher.” I was concerned about the progress and not quite sure what I was reading so I wanted clarification. The teacher I spoke to was AMAZING! She gave us hints and tips and explained where he was struggling. Our last call was more of a “Mom, don’t worry he’s doing so great! Tell him how good he is doing.” Sometimes I get so caught up in watching all this fast progress, I forget to tell him”.

LOVE it!”

Dina R., Co-op Member

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