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MindPlay Education is now an “Approved Provider”

Noah Sturdevant Published: July 19, 2022

MindPlay Education is now an “Approved Provider” for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Vetted Texas Tutor Corps (VTTC).

Tutoring Support For Students

The Vetted Texas Tutor Corps (VTTC) is a program that intends to serve as a resource list and
information hub for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in need of tutoring and tutor staffing
support services to meet student learning acceleration needs, requirements under House Bill
4545 and support the implementation of high-impact tutoring. MindPlay Education has been
approved by TEA as a partial service provider for year two of the VTTC Approved Provider
the program, providing reading support for K-8.

TEA-Approved Providers have been vetted to ensure they meet the research-based
components of high-impact tutoring. The TEA-Approved Provider list may assist LEAs with local
procurement processes (dependent on local board policies), and LEAs may use local ESSR
funding for these programs.

“We are thrilled that our product has been approved by TEA and will be utilized by tutors to
advance their students’ reading needs,” remarked Michael Ritchie, President of MindPlay
Education. “MindPlay is committed to helping educators with learning solutions for their students
that empower and enrich students’ lives. Our programs are adaptive, systematic, data-driven,
and individualized for each student so that they receive exactly the instruction that they need.”
TEA places tutoring providers on the VTTC list based on a variety of criteria related to their
ability to provide high-quality tutoring services to students in Texas. TEA has not entered into
contracts with these providers in connection with their placement on the list.

MindPlay’s reading program has a long history of success helping over seven million students
learn to read. Aligned to the Science of Reading, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach uses the
Orton-Gillingham structured the literacy approach to delivering powerful reading instruction to students
of all levels. MindPlay’s adaptive technology assesses a student’s skill level and then creates a
personalized learning curriculum that teaches only the lessons they need so the student stays
engaged and achieves mastery.

For over 40 years, MindPlay Education has been providing learning content to educators and
families. They are committed to developing educational software to make learning accessible to
everyone. With every passing year, that commitment has only grown stronger. MindPlay continues to pave the way, transforming learning through cutting-edge, adaptive technology that
creates individualized learning solutions for everyone.

MindPlay Education is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, and was originally founded as a
development company for educational publishers. In 1986, founder Judith Bliss created a self-published line of software called MindPlay, and the company has been focused on delivering
Software as a Service ever since.

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