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MindPlay’s Math Screener for Students

Noah Sturdevant Published: March 1, 2023
math screener for students

Math literacy is essential for success in school and beyond. Math assessments are a powerful tool that help parents, educators, and school administrators assess skills quickly and accurately, ensuring students have the best chance of achieving in math at any level.

MindPlay’s math assessment is designed to measure students’ skill levels and progress, so you know exactly where a student stands. Using this information, educators can make informed decisions about instructional lesson plans, tailoring them to each student and providing personalized support when and where most needed.

For parents, supporting your child at home is rewarding and exciting. Seeing them improve in real-time, with personalized lessons designed to nurture and foster growth, is incredibly empowering for both you and your child.

Importance of Math Screening

Math assessments are critical in ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all learners. By offering valuable information about a student’s academic progress, educators can make informed decisions about instructional strategies, tutoring resources, and other educational support necessary for math success.

A diagnostic math assessment provides insights into a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics, so instruction can be tailored to meet individual student needs.
During a math screening assessment, you can expect the following:

  • Assessment of a student’s ability to apply math skills to solve problems
  • Detailed reports with actionable insights into performance
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses within each domain
  • Comprehensive data analysis that allows for informed decisions to be made about how best to support learners
  • Adaptive technology that adjusts difficulty level based on student responses
  • Easy integration with existing curriculum materials

MindPlay math benefits

A math assessment gives educators in the classroom and parents supporting children at home an idea of where a child is with their math skills. The insight gained can also help administrators make decisions regarding curriculum changes.

Diagnostic math assessments give you:
Insights into student abilities – Use results to tailor instruction based on each child’s needs and strengths
Information for data-driven decision-making – Make informed decisions about curriculum design based on the data collected from assessments

With the MindPlay Math screener, you get accurate results fast, so teaching strategies can be adjusted if necessary, offering students abundant opportunities for success.

Learn More About MindPlay Math Screener Today

MindPlay Math screening is an assessment that helps identify gaps in learning and provides targeted instruction for students.
It can be easy to create a tailored approach so students can improve their math skills and confidence. In addition, we provide an effective way for parents, educators, and administrators to measure learning progress. Our in-depth assessment tool means assessing and enhancing math proficiency for any student is within reach.
At Mindplay, we understand the importance of understanding mathematical proficiency. So don’t wait any longer – schedule a demo today and start taking advantage of our powerful tools that help change a child’s life.


For Educators:
MindPlay is your partner in learning. We’re dedicated to ensuring students have access to the tools they need to achieve in math. Our adaptive technology and real-time reporting let you give every student the lessons they need to improve at a level they can excel at. With MindPlay, you get individualized, sequential, incremental, cumulative lessons that motivate and inspire students.

For Parents:
MindPlay is dedicated to helping you help your child achieve success in math. With an online learning program that delivers custom lessons designed specifically for your child’s ability and skill level, you’ll see a difference in no time – and our real-time reporting lets you see it firsthand. MindPlay makes learning math engaging, accessible, and effective.

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