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We don’t replace educators or teaching staff, we make them more successful. Discover how our programs are unlocking student success.

Solutions that empower educators and students alike! 

Although we are an online learning platform, we believe in the human element. Teaching staff and educators are the most valuable component of a student’s success. We want to not only empower students but teachers and educators too.

Teaching Staff

We don’t replace teachers. We make them more successful. Our adaptive technology adjusts for each student’s individual skill level, giving them only the lessons they need. You receive real-time reporting on where your students are succeeding and struggling, allowing you to best serve your students.


We supply you with the tools to measure your student and classroom performance. Our reporting is so easy. You’ll walk the halls with confidence every day knowing exactly how every classroom and student is succeeding.

Our Solutions

MindPlay has taught over seven million students to learn to read. Discover what so many other educators are raving about. 


Our new math program is already receiving positive reviews. Learn how our Math program can help your students.