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Our commitment to education

Since 1986, MindPlay has been committed to developing educational software to make learning accessible to everyone. With every passing year, that commitment has only grown stronger. We continue to pave the way, transforming learning through cutting-edge, adaptive technology that creates individualized learning solutions for everyone.

We started by teaching reading

Our passion for teaching reading started over 40 years ago, and our determination to teach everyone to read remains strong. We believe reading is the key to unlocking student potential and life-long success.

We’ve developed our online reading to be accessible and equitable for all. Utilizing the Orton-Gillingham method and accompanied by a Speech Pathologist on screen, our reading program can teach anyone how to read. Many see grade-level growth in 20 hours.

It is why hundreds of educators and families have chosen MindPlay to be their reading solution for their students, and children. 


Unlocking student success


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Radically improving the lives of all students

Our Timeline

November 2021
December 2021
July 2022
September 2022

Judith Bliss founds Methods and Solutions, Inc.

Judith Bliss founds and solely funded Methods and Solutions, Inc. as a development company for several educational publishers.

MindPlay software added

Methods and Solutions, Inc. adds MindPlay to encompass a self-published line of MindPlay software.

Embark on software reading system

Bliss desires an effective reading system for students. She meets a Tucson-based reading specialist and speech pathologist, Jim Larrabee, and decides to create a software program modeled after Larrabee’s successful reading methods.

MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center opens

MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center opened in Tucson, AZ, the goal is to measure student success using the program in a “real world” learning environment during the initial program development.

MindPlay launches Larrabee’s Bridge to Adult Literacy

MindPlay launches Larrabee’s Bridge to Adult Literacy, where it is quickly and successfully implemented to 13 prison facilities operated by the Arizona Department of Corrections. 

MindPlay updated to be suitable for ages 7 to adult

Additional changes are made to the product making MindPlay suitable for ages 7 to adult. The product is rebranded, MindPlay Larrabee’s Bridge to Literacy.

MindPlay expands lessons taught at the MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center

The company continues to expand its product to include lessons taught at the MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center. These lessons include grammar as a tool for improving syntactic processing, reading comprehension, and Embedded Teacher Intelligence, released as My Reading Coach.

MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center closes

MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center closes as the need for ongoing learning assistance and guidance moves to online learning.

U of A independent research study of Larrabee's Bridge program

The University of Arizona’s independent research study of the original Larrabee’s Bridge to Literacy program is published (This and other studies can be found here).

MindPlay Universal Screener released

MindPlay Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS 360 – Reading Analysis and Prescription System) is officially released.

My Reading Coach Platinum is released

My Reading Coach Platinum is released with newly incorporated features such as updated graphics and grammar content, expanded reporting features, and the integrated MindPlay Universal Screener.

MindPlay Universal Fluency is released

MindPlay Universal Fluency is released. This product focused on improving reading fluency and advancing reading speed and comprehension. 

New version of MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is released

A new version of MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is released while retaining its effectiveness to achieve student growth in as little as five hours of use.

MindPlay begins supporting Clever and Classlink

MindPlay expands its program to support student management systems by Clever and Classlink.

MindPlay upgrades Virtual Reading Coach

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach upgrades to enhance its program using engaging themes, achievements, and avatars to encourage students to learn.

MindPlay adds Blended Learning lessons

Building off of the MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach success, MindPlay adds Blended Learning lessons for teachers to provide additional support and intervention to struggling students. 

New Harbor Capital completes a majority investment in MindPlay

Judith Bliss, founder and CEO of MindPlay retires, and New Harbor Capital completes a majority investment in MindPlay, and MindPlay Education, LLC. is formed. 

MindPlay & CFEducational Solutions

MindPlay Education acquires CF Educational Solutions, their largest solution partner. 

MindPlay Math is launched

MindPlay launches a new math product for grades K-5. This new online learning program utilizes Orton-Gillingham elements and MindPlay’s adaptive technoloy.  

Essential Education Brings MindPlay to Adult Education

Essential Education and MindPlay partner together to bring a new version of its Virtual Reading Coach to adults. The updated version, MindPlay Reading Ultra, will be offered in addition to Essential Education’s reading materials to enhance their reading comprehension and experience.