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Why Our Program Works

Appropriate for all ages, our online reading program is self-paced and easy for students to use. It provides assessment-driven instruction and repeated opportunities for students to achieve mastery. 

Aligned to the Science of Reading, our lessons focus on the skills needed to become a proficient and skilled reader.  


All instruction is based on Orton-Gillingham’s structured literacy approach with content created by experts in speech and reading instruction. Plus, not only are we standards-aligned, all lessons are delivered by certified speech pathologists – right on the screen! 


                 How We Work 

Why We Work For All Readers

Proven Success with Diverse Students

Students on grade level or above can still benefit from MindPlay's individualized learning. With consistent use, readers enhance their vocabulary, improve their reading comprehension, and increase their fluency. 

Learners with some basic English skills can make great gains with MindPlay Reading. Because we have speech pathologists right on the screen helping students with phonics, our students learn to read in a supported environment that allows them to build a foundation for success.

Our adaptive technology assesses each student and determines their strengths and weaknesses, then it creates a customized learning plan. Readers learn only what they need to learn so they stay engaged and gain mastery.

Struggling readers find empowerment with MindPlay Reading. We deliver the right support and lessons to help them stay engaged and motivated allowing them to build skills and gain confidence. 

MindPlay was originally developed to meet the needs of students with severe reading challenges. Our program has specific, targeted exercises and lessons to help students that struggle to read. 


We’ve taught over seven million students to read with proven results! 


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