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MindPlay Signals: Reliable Insights to Unlock Each Student’s Potential & Progress

MindPlay Signals offers a comprehensive suite of screening assessments for students in grades K-12. By providing a holistic and streamlined approach, MindPlay Signals equips educators and parents with reliable insights to unlock the potential of each student, enabling them to tailor a personalized path toward success.

With MindPlay Signals, you'll have access to:

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Dyslexia Screener

Identify early signs associated with dyslexia in K-3 students, indicating the need for additional support or professional screening.

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Benchmark Assessment

Establish a baseline measure of students' knowledge and skills at specific intervals throughout the year.

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Actionable Insights

Empower educators and families to pinpoint a student's strengths and areas for improvement, providing a solid foundation for further instruction, goal setting, and progress tracking.


K-12 Screening that is Simple, Reliable, and Actionable

With these Signals, educators and families can:


User-friendly interface and detailed reports give educators actionable insights on each student's reading successes and challenges.


Comprehensive assessments enable educators and families to make informed decisions together.


Automatically customize interventions to meet each student's unique needs and keep families informed and engaged.

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MindPlay Signals helps improve:

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Move dyslexia screening fully online to save teacher time and standardize results.

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Equity & Access

Provides varied opportunities to demonstrate learning and receive relevant and accurate feedback, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all students.

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Progress Monitoring

Report on growth at a student, class, grade, building, or district level with benchmark testing throughout the year.

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Provide insights into student strengths and growth areas for educators and families.

How it Works

K-3 Dyslexia Screener

In just 15-25 minutes, MindPlay's Dyslexia Screener identifies students who exhibit characteristics or early signs associated with dyslexia in:

  • Rhyming
  • Counting Sounds
  • Alphabet Knowledge
  • Sound Symbol Recognition
  • Spelling Nonsense Words
  • Spelling Real Words
  • Letter Discrimination
  • Expected Fluency
  • Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) (coming soon)

Being at risk for dyslexia does not confirm a diagnosis but suggests that the student may need additional support and assessment to address potential challenges with reading.

Using these signals, educators can ensure every student gets the individualized instruction they need as soon as possible.

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K-12 Benchmark Screener

In under 30 minutes, MindPlay's Benchmark Screener identifies the strengths and areas of growth in each student's reading skills in:

  • Listening Vocabulary
  • Counting Sounds
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension Screener
  • Natural Fluency
  • Expected Fluency
  • Visual Screening
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Unlock Progress Monitoring with MindPlay Signals + Reading Coach

When coupled together with MindPlay Reading Coach, MindPlay Signals includes assessments that regularly monitor the classroom and student progress. By tracking a student’s learning journey every 14 days, educators have reliable data to understand skill advancement and identify areas that may require additional support.

  • Ensure skills are applied and mastered
  • Quickly identify gaps in student knowledge and provide targeted instruction
  • Access reliable data about student performance over time
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