The World Opens Up to a Cognitively Disabled High School Student

by Brandie Genske A cognitively disabled high school student is reading at the first-grade level. For Sarah, an 18-year-old severely cognitively impaired high school student, even trying to read was painful and something she hated to do. Again and again, she refused to read. No wonder, Sarah was reading at a first-grade level and there […]

Students Make Outstanding Reading Gains Using MVRC with Fidelity

An Interview with Shelli Treely, Reading Coach, Moran Elementary School; Osceola, IN During our last school year (2015-16), approximately 60 students worked on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) with fidelity. The 18 third-grade students who worked on the program contributed to our most successful passing percentage of Indiana’s state-mandated reading assessment. During the first semester […]

MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia Expands Teacher Awareness and Improves Teaching Strategies

Team meeting

An Interview with Jennifer Corcoran, Ed.D, Assistant Principal Boca Raton Community Middle School, Boca Raton, FL At an IEP meeting, a parent of one of our ESE students suggested that we purchase MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia™. Our District had heard about this Professional Development Course and supported our request by purchasing 100 licenses for our teachers, […]

Using MVRC with Fidelity Pushes Students to Read on Grade Level

An Interview with Dr. Sonya Campbell, EdD, Principal; Alexander Elementary School, Greenville, South Carolina In August of 2015, we ran a MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) pilot program for all 450 students (250 K – 2nd and 200 3rd – 5th graders). When our students began MVRC, they only worked on it for approximately one […]

Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)

An Interview with Mark Maudlin, Principal Urey Middle School, John Glenn School Corporation, Walkerton, Indiana In January 2016, we placed 30 students who were reading two or more levels below grade level on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). Placement was based on their RAPS360 (*now Universal Screener) comprehension scores. Approximately 75 percent were regular education […]

Reading Intervention Students Succeed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)

An Interview with Kim Reddig, Speech Language Pathologist Van Gorder Elementary School, Washoe School District, Sparks, NV The parents of a child with dyslexia introduced our school to MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). We saw this student getting positive results and thought it would benefit other students. Once our special education department received training and […]

All Types of Reading Students at Wakulla Charter School Accomplish Outstanding Results on MVRC

female teacher with students on computers

An Interview with Maribel Rivera, Second Grade Teacher Wakulla Charter School of Arts, Science, and Technology, St. Marks, Florida. Wakulla Charter School of Arts, Science and Technology needed a reading program comparable to our math program. Before the school year began, I researched reading programs and found MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). We evaluated the […]

Fourth-Grade Students with Disabilities Improve Their Reading Skills

An Interview with Marie Hawkins, Fourth Grade Teacher Trinity Lutheran School, Kissimmee, Florida. Three of my 17 fourth-grade students have received the McKay Scholarship which is offered to students with disabilities, such as, autism, ADHD, ADD, mental retardation, and other learning disabilities. The scholarship is funded by the Florida Department of Education. While these three […]

Dyslexic Elementary School Students Succeed Using MVRC

Children reading

An interview with Jo B. Fuller, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist Dishman Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas In Texas, dyslexia identification and services are provided through the Regular Education Program. I implement the Dyslexia Intervention Program in our school. My role is to assess referred students for initial identification as well as provide daily instruction for dyslexic students. […]

Middle and High School “Critical” Readers Succeed on MVRC

Teenage Students

From Carrie O’Donnell Students from our inner city school come to us missing a lot of reading skills. I see approximately 49 percent of our sixth through eleventh grade students. If students are at 190 or below in their Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) scores, they automatically come to me. These are the lowest reading students […]