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“…MindPlay is an effective computer-based program.”

Michael Vergara Published: July 15, 2015
teacher and students reading on tablets

I was able to use the computer-based reading program called MindPlay with some of my students last year. I have nothing negative to say about it. Here are a few points that I have about using this program and reasons why I would like to be able to have it again in my classroom:

  • The learning and teaching on MindPlay is at the level of the individual student. The program advances when the student is ready and gives practice and extra support when needed with a particular aspect.
  • Data and results are immediately accessible. Not only is it available whenever, but it is also easy and not too complex to access. Along with the results, I can see who has done it, when, and for how long.
  • The students have access to do MindPlay not only at school, but at home as well. Parents can see their child’s progress and know what they are doing as well.
  • MindPlay is able to help in areas that aren’t necessarily on grade-level. For example, in teaching 4th grade, there are not many phonemic awareness lessons in the curriculum, nor is there much time to sit and have consistent one-on-one lessons with the few 4th graders that perhaps missed it in their younger years. For my student that struggled in this particular area, on MindPlay, he was able to receive help for this particular area.
  • The students are able to see their own progress.
  • It is more than just another computer program for kids to read from a screen. They do spelling, phonics, etc. With MindPlay, the students are the “doers”, not just the watchers or listeners.
  • Students are given progress assessments regularly through MindPlay so the program can adjust itself to give support in struggling areas.

As you have read, I feel as though MindPlay is an effective computer-based program. I would like to have access to MindPlay in my classroom and available for all of my students.

– Amy C., Teacher 4th Grade

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