The Art of Transitioning a District

Reading Challenge: A Superintendent Implements a District-Wide Reading Solution To say that change has been the hallmark of the Manor (Texas) Independent School District over the past five years would be an understatement. Student enrollment has increased by more than 1,000, the population of English language learners is growing significantly, and overall enrollment is projected […]

Rural Wisconsin Middle School Customizes Learning for At-Risk Students

Rural town

Reading Challenge: Implementing an adaptive and affordable reading solution for struggling middle school students. In the far western edge of Wisconsin, the primarily rural community of Prescott is fueled by agriculture and industry, including an oil refinery in nearby St. Paul, MN. Principal Jim Dalluhn is now in his third year at the 360-student Prescott […]

Homeschooled 5th Grader Jumps Two Grade Levels with MindPlay

Parent homeschooling children

The Reading Challenge: a dyslexic homeschooled fifth-grader is reading at the third-grade level. Anna’s Story: In fifth grade, the shift from a self-contained, multi-subject classroom to a middle-school model of six different periods, subjects and teachers proved too great a challenge for Anna, who was already doing her best to cope with dyslexia. Says Anna’s […]

Dyslexic Second-Grader Struggles with Literacy Basics. MindPlay Helps Her Read.

Reading Challenge: Dyslexic Second-Grader Struggles with Literacy Basics Emmie’s Story: Second-grader Emmie would sit in class with her head down, discouraged and not participating, and any activities that involved reading she would completely steer away from, says Dyslexia Therapist Jo Fuller. Fuller’s job is to assess every student referred to her to determine if they […]

Homeschooled 12-Year-Old Makes Huge Reading Gains with MindPlay

Reading Challenge: A seventh-grade boy’s phonics level was at grade one, and his overall reading level was at grade three. Solution: Mom, Dina R., says that when her 12-year-old son was still reading at grade three in seventh grade, she was “desperate.” At that point, she pulled him out of school and began using MindPlay. […]

Mastery of Reading: First and Second Graders Develop Skills and a Love of Reading

By Jeannie Kionka The Reading Challenge To ensure all first and second-grade students are on grade level in reading, and to boost skills and enthusiasm for reading and writing in students across the board. The Initiative At the K-8 St. Paul Lutheran School in Ixonia, WI, the school board chose to implement MindPlay Virtual Reading […]

Years of Academic Failure Reversed for Troubled High School Student

The Reading Challenge: A troubled teen had fallen through the cracks in learning to read. Darcell’s Story: When six-foot-four, 220-pound Darcell first entered the doors of the Carpe Diem Northwest Innovative School in Indianapolis, IN, he brought along with him an impressive record of arrests for battery, robbery, break-ins, and gang activities – not unusual […]

Student Greatly Improves Reading, Spelling, Stuttering Issues

by Brandie Genske A middle school boy is challenged with stuttering and unintelligible spelling. Sixth-grader Evan was a boy “dear to my heart,” says Special Education and district support teacher Brandie Genske. Evan was challenged with a severe stutter and “horrendous” spelling, says Genske, and she just couldn’t imagine how he would ever be able […]

Exchange Student Masters the English Language

by Brandie Genske An Honors English high school exchange student is language-challenged. German exchange student Ella was a junior in high school when she came to Wisconsin to experience the American way of life and education. A good student, she enrolled in Honors English, a very rigorous course, and was earning B grades, not bad […]