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Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)

Michael Vergara Published: October 11, 2016

An Interview with Mark Maudlin, Principal Urey Middle School, John Glenn School Corporation, Walkerton, Indiana

In January 2016, we placed 30 students who were reading two or more levels below grade level on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). Placement was based on their RAPS360 (*now Universal Screener) comprehension scores.

Approximately 75 percent were regular education and 25 percent were special education students. Students were on the program from January to May 2016, five days a week for 26 or 41 minutes per day. These seventh and eighth-grade students accomplished outstanding reading gains in one semester!

Successful Results: Most students who began MVRC were reading between second and fourth-grade reading levels. The highest reading level was sixth grade, and the lowest was kindergarten. On average, students achieved 2.25 reading level gains in approximately 20 hours on the program. Every student started at critical in January. By the end of May, six students were at exceeding, three were at meeting, and five were at approaching. Only 16 were still at critical. Without MVRC, we might see a .26 average reading gain in one semester. One eighth-grade young lady started MVRC at the sixth-grade reading comprehension level and finished in May at a ninth-grade level. She went from critical to exceeding. Her self-confidence improved significantly. She would say, “I can do this. I can break down paragraphs, understand the story, and read on grade level.” Her confidence has carried over into her other classes. One eighth-grade young man arrived at our school last year as a struggling reader. He began MVRC at the sixth-grade comprehension level, and by the end of May, he was able to reach grade level. His confidence improved and positively impacted his grades in other school subjects. MVRC played a key role in his success.

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