National Reading Month Success Series: Middle School Struggling Readers Average Two Years’ Grade Level Growth in One Semester

Special Education and struggling readers make dramatic reading gains with MindPlay literacy online program March 7, 2018, Tucson, AZ—MindPlay online reading and literacy publisher announces dramatic gains for struggling students at the grade six-through-eight Lou Mendive Middle School in Reno, Nevada. In August, the average reading level for most Mendive English language learners was third […]

Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MVRC

Children reading

Reading challenge: Motivating struggling middle school students to envision a brighter future through literacy. In the summer of 2016, Reading Interventionist Tammi Humphreys was hired by Tanglewood Middle School in Greenville, SC, to create a computer lab where at-risk students could improve their literacy skills. Among the primary challenges Humphreys faced with her grade six-through-eight […]

Third Grade Students Learn the Power of Words and Literacy

Reading Challenge: Maintaining consistency in serving a highly transient student population with a large number of English language learners. At Red Rock Elementary School in Gallup, New Mexico, third grade teacher and MindPlay Administrator Grace Lueras is challenged with ensuring her large population of English Language Learners (ELL) and students from transient families receive the […]

Learning Disabled Elementary School Students Excel on MVRC

Reading Challenge: Making progress with first-to-fifth grade students who face a range of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, and other challenges. At Sherwood Elementary School in the Pulaski County Special School District in Sherwood, Arkansas, Special Education teacher Melody Morris is faced with the challenge of improving literacy outcomes for students at multiple grade […]

Tech-Savvy Intervention Program Manager Harnesses Grapevine for Educator Buy-In

Reading Challenge: Promoting the use of MindPlay as a K-12 reading solution. Houston Independent School District’s Intervention Program Manager, Mary Miner, says it was viral communication about MindPlay’s success that inspired more and more schools to adopt it as a reading solution. “We never mandated the use of MindPlay but allowed word of mouth to […]

An Elementary School Principal Leads a School-Wide Literacy Transformation

The Challenges: When Dr. Sonya Campbell first arrived at Alexander Elementary School in Greenville, South Carolina in the fall of 2013, she faced a slew of challenges. The 450 Kindergarten-through-fifth grade student population was 98 percent high-poverty, 52 percent learning disabled, and 60 percent English language learners (ELL). “Just about all our students were below […]

A Coordinator of Continuous Improvement Supports a Transitioning District

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Reading Challenge: Guiding Reading Intervention Across 13 K-12 Schools As Coordinator of Continuous Improvement for the Manor Independent School District in Manor, Texas, Jennifer Brewer describes herself as the “middleman” between MindPlay and the district when it comes to reading intervention. Among the challenges she faces are ensuring buy-in and ongoing support for principals, coaches […]

Struggling Third-Graders Make Quick and Dramatic Gains

Reading Challenge: More than 50 percent critical ESL, ELL struggling and dyslexic readers “What’s powerful is that students can see and hear word pronunciations through an actual reading coach,” says Misty Simpson, a 12-year education veteran and Reading and Social Studies teacher at Blake Manor Elementary in the Manor (Texas) Independent School District. “This makes […]