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Primary Grade Non-Reader Clicks with Personalized Solution

Reading Challenge: Dyslexic Second-Grader Struggles with Literacy Basics Emmie’s Story: Second-grader Emmie would sit in class with her head down, discouraged and not participating, and any activities that involved reading […]

Homeschooled 12 Year Old Makes Huge Reading Gains with MindPlay

Reading Challenge: A seventh-grade boy’s phonics level was at grade one, and overall reading level at grade three. Solution: Mom Dina R. says that when her 12 year old son […]

First and Second Graders Develop Skills and a Love of Reading

By Jeannie Kionka Reading Challenge: To ensure all first and second grade students are on grade level in reading, and to boost skills and enthusiasm for reading and writing in […]

Years of Academic Failure Reversed for Troubled High School Student

The Reading Challenge: A troubled teen had fallen through the cracks in learning to read. Darcell’s Story: When six-foot-four, 220-pound Darcell first entered the doors of the Carpe Diem Northwest […]

Student Greatly Improves Reading, Spelling, Stuttering Issues

by Brandie Genske A middle school boy is challenged with stuttering and unintelligible spelling. Sixth grader Evan was a boy “dear to my heart,” says Special Education and district support […]

Exchange Student Masters the English Language

by Brandie Genske An Honors English high school exchange student is language-challenged. German exchange student Ella was a junior in high school when she came to Wisconsin to experience the […]

The World Opens Up to a Cognitively Disabled High School Student

by Brandie Genske A cognitively disabled high school student is reading at the first grade level. For Sarah, an 18-year-old severely cognitively impaired high school student, even trying to read […]

Students Make Outstanding Reading Gains Using MVRC with Fidelity

An Interview with Shelli Treely, Reading Coach, Moran Elementary School; Osceola, IN During our last school year (2015-16), approximately 60 students worked on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) with fidelity. […]

MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia Expands Teacher Awareness and Improves Teaching Strategies

An Interview with Jennifer Corcoran, Ed.D, Assistant Principal Boca Raton Community Middle School, Boca Raton, FL At an IEP meeting, a parent of one of our ESE students suggested that […]

Using MVRC with Fidelity Pushes Students to Read on Grade Level

An Interview with Dr. Sonya Campbell, EdD, Principal; Alexander Elementary School, Greenville, South Carolina In August of 2015, we ran a MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) pilot program for all […]