MindPlay Dyslexia Screener

Assesses areas of reading consistent with characteristics of Dyslexia. Identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses. Assists in the development of intervention plans. Helps teachers group students with similar academic needs

MindPlay Dyslexia Screener
Screener Specs

In just 20-35 minutes, MindPlay Dyslexia Screener™ identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses in areas of reading consistent with characteristics of Dyslexia. The Dyslexia Screener is not available as part of MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach or as a separate assessment tool.


The MindPlay Dyslexia Screener™ provides information that assists in the development of intervention plans to meet Response to Intervention (RTI) requirements. It also:

  • • eliminates time consuming test administration
  • • provides immediate detailed reports
  • • allows teachers to customize assessments to meet school, district, and state requirements
  • • uses cost efficient web-based technology

Unique Features of MindPlay Dyslexia Screener

  • Uses cost-efficient web-based technology
  • Provides immediate detailed reports
  • Eliminates time consuming test administration

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