Tips for Parents

As your child works their way through the MindPlay program, they’ll need plenty of help and encouragement. Although the method of instruction used in MindPlay does not require the intervention of a teacher, it works much better when the learner has a little help. This is where you come in. Here are a few tips on how you can best support your child on their MindPlay journey.

Prepare your child

Although we’ve worked hard to make MindPlay as fun and rewarding as possible, learning to read takes a lot of hard work. Be sure your child is prepared to work and not expecting to be entertained by a computer game.

Communicate your expectations

MindPlay is most effective when used daily. Tell your child that you expect them to use MindPlay for 30 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times per week, then reward them when they reach that goal.

Initiate a reward system

MindPlay provides a number of digital awards and achievement points to help your child stay motivated. However, external rewards work even better. Set up a reward system with your child to encourage them to keep working, then pour on the praise when goals are met.

Make time for reading practice

Once your child has reached Phonics Lesson 45, make sure he or she reads to you for 15 minutes daily. Continue this practice every day until your child can read independently. Not only will you be showing your child how proud you are, but you will get to see first-hand how they are improving from week to week.

Encourage your child

Learning to read is not easy. Be sure to encourage your child, especially when they get frustrated. We all want to be right, but learning is about making mistakes, and some lessons will take longer than others. Encourage your child to relax and do their best, then step back and let the program work.

Resist the urge to provide answers

Providing too much help to a child will severely hinder their learning process. MindPlay adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on each correct or incorrect answer and provides a better learning experience. This allows your child to learn more and develop their skills more quickly without getting frustrated by simply answering the questions for them.

Learn How MindPlay Works

Improve your child’s reading and spelling skills with the MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach program. With only 50 hours of consistent use, your child will improve 1 or 2 reading levels. You can work with your child to complete the web-based lessons at home or in a quiet place away from distractions. As a partner in your child’s education, you will encourage him or her to complete these lessons each day. Your attitude toward reading will set the tone for their education. Reading well is not an option – it is a necessity!