Improve Student Math Skills with MindPlay Education

Math performance is challenging for countless students. It can be even more complicated when faced with math anxiety, which researchers estimate about 20% of students suffer from. 

The fallout of poor performance and anxiety is that students’ math skills and abilities can be well below grade level. The problem is prevalent for students today, and it won’t go away on its own. Studies show the importance of students having a successful transfer from primary school to secondary school – successful transitions impact engagement, interest in learning, and confidence. The research indicates that difficult transitions are particularly harmful in math. What does this tell us?  

In short, early intervention for a student who struggles in mathematics is imperative. It can improve life-long learning and success in the subject throughout the academic years and even into adulthood. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of math proficiency and getting kids up to grade level in this essential subject.


Do Today’s Students Have Basic Math Skills?

In fall 2022, almost half of all students (49%) started school below grade level in one or more subjects, most commonly in math (or reading), according to a recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). 


How to Help Struggling Math Students

Schools and parents must consider adopting supplemental, creative, effective math intervention programs to combat this problem. One proven solution is customized online programs that help students in grades K-5, at all levels of math, improve basic math skills and reduce math anxiety.

An effective program should be designed to work within existing curriculum at all levels of mathematics. Using programs that offer adaptive technology can help students advance through math levels at their own pace. This means programs will adapt as students make progress through various topics and concepts in real-time. The goal is to keep students engaged without feeling overwhelmed by the material they’ve already mastered while stimulating growth and improvement.


Math Skills by Grade Level

Understanding what math skills students should master by grade is critical in ensuring they’re in the right place at the right age. Math clearly isn’t a subject that’s easy to skip steps or sections of and still realize success, so ensuring mastery at each level is essential. 

Math skills by grade:

Grade 1

  • Adding double and triple digits
  • Basic adding and subtracting
  • Identifying ascending and descending order of numbers

Grade 2

  • Simple multiplication problems 
  • Adding and subtracting single and double digits
  • Adding and subtracting time

Grade 3

  • Comparing numbers
  • Basic division
  • Number sense topics – like even, odd, composite, and prime numbers
  • Conversion of time
  • Basic algebra

Grade 4

  • Converting words into numbers
  • Simple and complex adding and subtracting
  • Basic statistics

Grade 5

  • Decimals 
  • Algebra
  • Fractions
  • Challenging number sense exercises 
  • Statistics problems


What is MindPlay Math? 

MindPlay helps students improve their math skills through an adaptive learning platform that adjusts to each student’s needs as they progress. With MindPlay, educators can easily track progress and trust that all grade-level objectives are met. 

MindPlay Math Benefits Include:

  • Adaptive technology that understands student responses to align lessons for individual needs.
  • Standards-aligned lessons that are educator-designed to ensure students are achieving mastery and fluency in the subject.
  • Engaged learning that allows students to work at their own pace so they aren’t overwhelmed or bored.
  • Achievements and awards to motivate students as they level up and earn coins for rewards upon mastering lessons.
  • Instant reporting to let teachers view progress in real-time, increasing the ability to identify skill gaps and understand precisely where a student might be struggling.
  • Functional dashboard to let students personalize their profile through avatars, themes, and more, making learning and getting on the platform fun.

How do Math Programs work? 

MindPlay’s Math program uses innovative, industry-leading adaptive technology to help students in math for grades K-5 improve math proficiency and skills. The supplemental practice also benefits teachers by consistently providing assessments and reporting so they can appropriately adjust instruction based on individual needs. 


How to Improve Grade-Level Math Skills

It’s possible to improve students’ grade levels of math skills when you let them quickly and easily access the resources they need for success. Students become more engaged, more successful, and more excited about learning math. 

The right comprehensive and adaptive program will improve students’ math skills with courses tailored to grade level and ability, so students can realize progress at their own pace while receiving individualized instruction and feedback.


Features of MindPlay Education’s Program for Student Math Skills

MindPlay’s program for student math skills offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help students succeed in mathematics. After all, it makes sense that you can diminish math anxiety through individualized instruction that targets each learner’s specific capacities and skill level. Slowly building knowledge and confidence goes hand in hand when it comes to math instruction. 

Step 1: Students get lessons designed for the precise level they are at.

Step 2: Students see their ability as they master skills and grow. 

Step 3: Confidence builds, anxiety reduces, and the cycle of success continues. 

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive courses make matching each student’s skill level and mathematical needs easy.

Adaptive Design – Individualized instruction and feedback is tailored to each student’s performance, enhancing math skills by grade level and ability.

Engaging Experiences – Interactive activities and assessments are focused on real-world applications, keeping students engaged and excited about lessons. 

Content Library – An extensive content library includes thousands of instructional resources so teachers can do away with the old, traditional, boring math worksheets for kids. Instead, they can provide practice problems and assessments for every student’s level and learning needs.  

Real-Time Progress Monitoring – Insights into student progress, detailed data tracking tools, and real-time progress monitoring let teachers track student performance. There’s power in being able to instantly identify areas where individual students need extra support or guidance.

Digital Collaboration Tools – Digital collaboration tools allow students to collaborate on projects and share work with teachers and peers. This helps them build confidence as they become skilled problem-solvers in an environment where they can ask questions without feeling embarrassed or intimidated.


For Parents

Parents want peace of mind knowing they’re investing in math programs that offer their children an educational experience designed just for them. 

MindPlay lets them effectively and efficiently track their children’s math levels and progress with an easy-to-use online dashboard. In addition, parents get regular updates on progress. There’s even support for parents seeking additional guidance or resources to help their children with math homework or when studying for tests.

MindPlay’s program is designed so parents can monitor and help their children’s academic performance to reduce any anxiety associated with mathematics. The program’s adaptive technology ensures students can make progress at their own pace and move ahead when ready.

Parent Resources – MindPlay offers multiple parent resources, including:

  • Online tips
  • FAQs
  • Articles about how best to support a child’s learning journey
  • Advice on creating an effective study environment
  • Information on how to understand grade-level expectations
  • Tips for managing math anxiety
  • Ways to set realistic goals for improvement

Armed with these useful and effective tools and resources, parents are empowered with insight into their child’s math proficiency. They can help their child develop strategies to ensure continued growth and development in mathematics knowledge.


For Educators

MindPlay is the most powerful math tool on the market for educators today. With it, teachers can easily monitor each student’s progress and adjust curriculum based on individual needs. This enables them to focus more on math skills by grade rather than grading supplemental assignments or providing extra help during outside-of-school hours, which can take valuable instructional and planning time away from students.

MindPlay’s math program also gives educators access to detailed reports so they can instantly identify areas where students are struggling or excelling. Robust reporting like this gives teachers the ability to implement effective targeted instruction.

The digital teaching system ensures educators can give learners the resources and tools they need to enhance math skills and capabilities. 

MindPlay offers classroom management tools so teachers can quickly and easily

  • Set up classes
  • Assign tasks
  • Monitor progress
  • Gain access to insightful reporting
  • Communicate with parents to ensure all students have access to quality education 

Adaptive technology means students can progress at their own pace while mastering mathematics concepts.


Choose MindPlay for Student Math Skills Improvement

MindPlay is the perfect choice for improving basic math skills in grades K-5. Our advanced, adaptive technology is unparalleled in the market, providing a comprehensive solution to help students advance in all levels of mathematics. 

With MindPlay, students will confidently and easily navigate higher levels of math knowledge, building their skills (and confidence!) as they progress through school, year after year.

Start today by exploring the various levels of math guidance and support we offer. Then, improve your student or child’s math skills with MindPlay. Our innovative platform and technology make learning math achievable for students at all levels, so they can reach their full potential and excel in math for the rest of their educational journey.