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Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MVRC

Reading challenge: Motivating struggling middle school students to envision a brighter future through literacy. In the summer of 2016, Reading Interventionist Tammi Humphreys was hired by Tanglewood Middle School in […]

Tech-Savvy Intervention Manager Harnesses Grapevine for Educator Buy-In

Reading Challenge: Promoting use of MindPlay as a K-12 reading solution. Houston Independent School District’s Intervention Program Manager, Mary Miner, says it was viral communication about MindPlay’s success that inspired […]

A Coordinator of Continuous Improvement Supports a Transitioning District

Reading Challenge: Guiding Reading Intervention Across 13 K-12 Schools As Coordinator of Continuous Improvement for the Manor Independent School District in Manor, Texas, Jennifer Brewer describes herself as the “middleman” […]

Rural Wisconsin Middle School Customizes Learning for At-Risk Students

Reading Challenge: Implementing an adaptive and affordable reading solution for struggling middle school students. In the far western edge of Wisconsin, the primarily rural community of Prescott is fueled by […]

Middle School Struggling Readers Succeed on MVRC

An Interview with Mark Maudlin, Principal Urey Middle School, John Glenn School Corporation, Walkerton, Indiana In January, 2016, we placed 30 students who were reading two or more levels below […]

Middle and High School “Critical” Readers Succeed on MVRC

From Carrie O’Donnell Students from our inner city school come to us missing a lot of reading skills. I see approximately 49 percent of our sixth through eleventh grade students. […]

Middle School Fragile Readers Improve Their Reading Scores Using MVRC An interview with Melody Milner, Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist, and Susan Reveles, Reading Intervention Teacher Captain Walter E. Clarke Middle School

In 2014, sixth grade students in our individual classrooms worked on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). These sixth graders were special education, dyslexia, second language, and 504 Program students. The […]