MindPlay, Inc. is an educational software development company.

Our mission:  develop, publish, and distribute cost-effective learning tools with clear objectives, inviting graphics, and modern technology to support reading growth and development

MindPlay was founded by Judith Bliss in 1981 to provide a viable and cost-effective solution for overcoming the challenges of learning to read.  Her personal experience with reading disabilities made her acutely aware that learning differences have a real impact on both school and life-time success.

The company began doing business as MindPlay®, under the parent company of Methods and Solutions, Inc.  Its first line of self-published educational software programs was launched in 1986.  MindPlay programs appeal to multiple learning styles, identify individual student needs, and differentiate instruction with customized lesson plans. Students are assigned only the lessons required to fill in gaps in their overall skills.

MindPlay is compliant with:
– Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
– Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
– Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our History

July 1st – MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach™ is released.

Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS 360) is updated to expand its reach into K-2 by adding a phonemic awareness diagnostic.

Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS® 360) released. This diagnostic assessment system analyzes students reading skills in minutes, provides a prescription to address the student’s specific needs and measures Annual Yearly Progress.

Reading Fluency formerly known as FLRT®) – a training program for fluent reading is released. This product improves reading speed along with comprehension.

Company released My Reading Coach™ Platinum based on field input. The new release incorporated updated graphic and grammar content, expanded reporting features and integrated Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS 360) test components.

Company introduced Spanish instruction module as an add-on feature for My Reading Coach Platinum.

Company released updated version of Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS 360).

University of Arizona independent research study of original Larrabee’s Bridge to Literacy program was published.  This and other research studies available on the results page.

Company officially released MindPlay Universal Screener (formerly known as RAPS® 360 -Reading Analysis and Prescription System) product.

Company updated and expanded product to include lessons taught in the MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center, including grammar as a tool for improving syntactic processing, reading comprehension and Embedded Teacher Intelligence™, released as My Reading Coach™ Gold.

MindPlay’s Lifelong Learning Center™ closed as My Reading Coach Gold minimized the need for ongoing teacher assistance and guidance.

Company assigned exclusive territories to dealer representatives.

With updates making the product suitable for ages seven through adult, the product was re-branded MindPlay Larrabee’s Bridge to Literacy™.

University of Arizona doctoral candidate, J. Crews, conducted the first independent research and pilot study of the program at Myers-Ganoung Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona.

MindPlay launched Larrabee’s Bridge to Adult Literacy™.

Florence State Prison, one of 13 prison facilities operated by the Arizona Department of Corrections successfully implemented MindPlay Larrabee’s Bridge to Adult Literacy with inmates.

MindPlay Lifelong Learning Center™ opened in Tucson, AZ, to measure student success using the program in a “real world” learning environment during initial program development.

Bliss began a quest for an effective reading system. She met Tucson-based reading specialist and speech pathologist, Jim Larrabee. MindPlay decided to create a software program modeling Larrabee’s successful reading instruction methods.

Methods and Solutions, Inc. corporate office relocated to Tucson, AZ, for ongoing MindPlay educational software development and publishing.

Methods and Solutions Inc. added (DBA) MindPlay® to encompass self-published line of MindPlay software. With the goal of helping dyslexic students, Bliss introduced her first six self-published MindPlay educational software games: Math Magic™ , Race the Clock™, Cat n’ Mouse™, Picture Perfect™, Bake n’ Taste™, Dyno-Quest™ and later, over 40 other programs.

First corporate office opened in Woburn, MA, for ongoing development for several educational publishers.

Judith Bliss founded and solely funded Methods and Solutions, Inc. as a development company for several educational publishers.