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Improve one grade level in reading in 20 hours

MindPlay utilizes technology & Synthetic Intelligence™ to deliver a curriculum that teaches students to read well.


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Meet MindPlay
  • > Judith Bliss
  • > Nancy Mather, Ph.D
  • > Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D
  • > Janice Sammons, Ph.D
  • > Marylin Varricchio, M.Ed.
  • > Barbara J. Wendling, M.A.

MindPlay programs were developed by experts in language, literacy, and assessment. Students experience a virtual one-on-one session with a reading specialist each time they log in.

Judith Bliss launched MindPlay over 30 years ago to help struggling learners succeed in school and in life. MindPlay’s mission is to develop, publish, and distribute cost-effective learning tools that support individual growth and skill development. Every student benefits from effective instruction from experienced teachers combined with cutting edge technology. The result is widespread improvement in school performance.

Nancy Mather Profile PicProfessor, College of Education, University of Arizona; co-author of the Woodcock -Johnson IV, book author, national & international speaker on reading assessment and instruction

Blanch Podhajski Profile PicClinical Associate Professor of Neurological Sciences, University of Vermont College of Medicine; President of Stern Center for Language and Learning

Janice Sammons Profile PicAdjunct Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of Arizona; licensed psychologist

Marylin Varricchio Profile PicFounder and Learning Specialist at Portals to Learning, Middlebury Vermont; educational diagnostician

Marylin Varricchio Profile PicEducation Director, Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation; national speaker on reading assessment & instruction; book author, and co-author of the Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program

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supporting software

Reading Fluency

Universal Screener

Virtual Reading Coach is a robust platform that includes MindPlay’s Universal Screener and Reading Fluency programs (also available for purchase as separate teaching tools).

Virtual Reading Coach assesses student reading abilities with MindPlay’s Universal Screener and automatically develops a unique, differentiated syllabus of instruction and mastery-based activities for every student.



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National literacy experts believe that 95% of all students can learn to read accurately and  fluently with systematic and explicit evidence-based instruction.


MindPlay’s Teacher Companion expands teacher knowledge of the best research-based practices in reading instruction.

Educators and parents of children with dyslexia need accurate understanding of dyslexia and its impact on reading, spelling, and written language skills .

Understanding Dyslexia explains

  • the genetic and neurological factors that underlie dyslexia;
  • cognitive processes utilized by the “reading brain;”
  • appropriate tools for assessment and diagnosis;
  • and instructional strategies to increase reading and spelling proficiency.