Second Graders’ Reading Skills Thrive with MVRC

elementary children reading

An incredible 72 percent of second grade students increased their reading levels to third grade after an average of just 44 hours using Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach in the classroom.

A study in 2014 investigated the reading growth of 209 second grade students. Approximately half received supplemental instruction with Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach and were compared to students who received only the school’s traditional reading instruction.

While 72 percent of students using MVRC increased their reading skills to a third grade level, only 37 percent of students with traditional reading instruction increased reading levels to third grade.

Additionally, only 6% of students who used MVRC remained in a critical reading level (below first grade). In comparison, 37% of the students from the control school remained at the critical level.

Overall, the results of this research suggest a very robust effect of the MVRC intervention on participants’ reading skills particularly in the areas of fluency and spelling achievement gains.