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Exchange Student Masters the English Language

by Brandie Genske

An Honors English high school exchange student is language-challenged.

German exchange student Ella was a junior in high school when she came to Wisconsin to experience the American way of life and education. A good student, she enrolled in Honors English, a very rigorous course, and was earning B grades, not bad for an English Language Learner. But Ella was an ambitious student and was determined to turn those Bs to As. When she was offered the opportunity to improve her English skills through a supplemental class, she embraced the challenge, opting to use her daily 45 minute period to work only on MindPlay over other class offerings. The program greatly accelerated Ella’s understanding and comfort with the English language.

MindPlay greatly accelerated Ella’s understanding and comfort with the English language, and her grades went from Bs to A+s in Honors English. The teacher, who steadfastly ensured the rigor of the class, was surprised and impressed at Ella’s improved grasp of the language, and couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently she was now understanding the advanced curriculum. She says MindPlay had increased the girl’s level of confidence in English and also greatly improved the fluidity of her papers.