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Accelerate Reading Outcomes with MindPlay Reading Coach and LightSail

Noah Sturdevant Published: November 1, 2023

Enhance Student Engagement and Reinforce Mastery of New Skills with MindPlay Reading Coach and LightSail

Working Better Together to Enhance Reading Instruction

Empowering students through integrating practical tools and instruction is the key to unlocking student success. The new integration between MindPlay Reading Coach (MRC) and LightSail removes the burden teachers to find engaging activities and text during high-interest reading to help students master and retain newly acquired skills.

The Power of Integration

The integration automates the assignment of activities in LightSail based on performance and progress in MRC. By incorporating interactive elements into high-interest reading content, students can solidify their mastery in real-world contexts. This amplifies the impact of MRC instruction, extending its reach into LightSail – enhancing adaptivity and motivation.

This integration will help teachers:

  1. Seamlessly incorporate high-interest texts and activities from outside the programs.
  2. Engage students with content that both challenges and intrigues them in grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and fluency/comprehension.
  3. Mitigate the risk of students losing hard-won skills when they step outside the classroom.

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Key Features and Benefits

This integration brings a suite of features designed to elevate and enhance the reading experience:


LightSail Grammar, Punctuation and Parts of Speech activities are automatically assigned while students read high-interest stories of their choice.


LightSail Homophone activities are a perfect complement to MindPlay’s award-winning Phonics instruction, providing additional exposure to homophones in context during high-interest reading.


LightSail Vocabulary Word Journeys extend the student’s opportunity to gain a contextual understanding of specific vocabulary covered in their MRC vocabulary lessons.


A student’s independent reading in LightSail will be filtered with content and texts containing practice questions that reinforce the concepts they just mastered in MRC.

These features are designed to engage students with content that is targeted, rigorous, and adaptive to ensure mastery and prevent skills regression.

Automatically Take Action on What Students are Learning

LightSail activities in grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension are automatically assigned based on the student’s progress and performance in MRC, ensuring real-time reinforcement. This symbiotic relationship between the two platforms means that LightSail’s interactivity supports the real-world application and consolidation of skills learned in MRC. The effectiveness of MRC seamlessly extends into LightSail, helping adapt activities and high-interest texts to exactly what the student just learned.

Enhancing Teacher and Student Experience

MindPlay is dedicated to alleviating the workload of teachers in their quest to discover and generate content that meets the diverse needs of students with IEPs, special needs, or varying learning abilities and styles, thereby enabling teachers to optimize their instructional time with students. This integration effectively bridges this resource gap by equipping teachers with a comprehensive solution that addresses both instruction and practice. With LightSail and MRC working seamlessly together, students aren’t just acquiring, but applying essential reading skills.

Charting a New Path in Literacy Development

The integration of MindPlay Reading Coach and LightSail is a thoughtful response to the needs of modern educators and learners. It simplifies how teachers find and assign supplemental activities and texts that keep students engaged and reinforce what they just taught in their core lessons. As education continues to adapt and grow, seamless integration between programs is critical to help teachers overcome resource challenges and time constraints. More effective and engaging reading instruction is here and it’s tailored to meet both teacher and student where they are.

Join us in a live webinar to learn how LightSail and MRC can work better together for your teachers and students on November 16, 2023 at 11 AM PST. 

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