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Empower your child’s reading & math journey with a personalized program that knows how to teach and support students with dyslexia.

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Close Skill Gaps and Boost Your Child’s Confidence in Reading & Math

Unlock the full potential of homeschooling with MindPlay Reading Coach & MindPlay Math. Designed to cater to the unique learning styles of children with dyslexia, our programs provide an individualized, evidence-based approach to mastering reading and foundational math skills.

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Our MindPlay Reading Coach program motivates students with interactive activities and games that transform learning math and reading into a fun, rewarding experience.

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What Other Homeschool Families Say:

Our 2nd grader is thriving with MindPlay! She's recognizing sight words and has made incredible strides in phonics. It's amazing to see her reading confidence grow.

Homeschool Mom

MindPlay helped us understand where our son was struggling. The program is more than just support; it's a comprehensive solution for reading challenges.

Homeschool Mom

A-Man's comprehension and independence have skyrocketed. To see him follow instructions and engage with lessons on his own is truly remarkable!

Homeschool Parent

Improve Two Grade Levels
with Just 20 Minutes a Day

Fitted for the homeschooling lifestyle, MindPlay Reading & Math Coach adapts to your schedule, providing 24/7 access, so your child can learn when it’s most convenient. MindPlay is loved by homeschool parents across the country because it: 

Tailored Instruction

  • Targets specific challenges with personalized learning paths
  • Ensures that your child gains confidence as they master new skills
  • Multisensory learning strategy adapts to all types of learners

Paths for Success

  • Defined roadmap improves your child’s reading ability
  • Adapts based on your child’s progress, interests, and abilities
  • Makes learning accessible and manageable

Trackable Progress

  • Monitor your child's reading progress with ease
  • Celebrate your child's successes
  • Understand where your child can further improve

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