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Reading & Math Learning Paths, Individualized to Each Learner

Your Child’s Adventure Awaits: Choosing the right learning program can make all the difference in your child’s education. With MindPlay Reading & Math Coach, homeschooling becomes a personalized, mastery-driven adventure tailored to your child’s unique learning needs.

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What Other Homeschool Parents Say:

Our 2nd grader is thriving with MindPlay! She's recognizing sight words and has made incredible strides in phonics. It's amazing to see her reading confidence grow.

Homeschool Mom

MindPlay helped us understand where our son was struggling. The program is more than just support; it's a comprehensive solution for reading challenges.

Homeschool Mom

A-Man's comprehension and independence have skyrocketed. To see him follow instructions and engage with lessons on his own is truly remarkable!

Homeschool Parent
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MindPlay Reading Coach: Years of Growth in Just 20 Minutes a Day

Whether your child is just starting out or looking to conquer more advanced concepts, our self-paced online programs adapt to them. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all teaching and hello to individualized learning paths that ensure mastery and foster growth.

  • Instruction adapts based on where your child needs to improve  
  • Designed by speech specialists and reading instruction thought leaders 
  • Certified experts guide your child through each lesson, ensuring mastery
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Build a Strong Foundation & Make Math Fun for Everyone!

When your child needs to learn the basics of math, MindPlay Math Coach can unlock success when learning at home. MindPlay Math Coach removes the burden of trying to learn concepts you were never taught. Each learning path is personalized to your child’s skill level and ability, and helps make math fun for everyone. 

  • Ensures your child masters core math concepts 
  • Rewards and motivates your child to build confidence at every stage
  • Structured and visual instruction ensures comprehension and growth 
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Online Assessments

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Universal Screener

In less than 30 minutes, MindPlay's Universal Screener pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of each student's reading skills, then creates a customized learning plan.

Dyslexia Screener image
Dyslexia Screener

In just 20-35 minutes, MindPlay's Dyslexia Screener identifies students' strengths and weaknesses in areas of reading consistent with characteristics of dyslexia.

Math Screener image
Math Screener

Students will receive 4 full benchmark assessments, determined by the school year and periodic Progress Monitoring to measure their skill levels and improvement.

Are you ready to take the next step in your child's educational path?

Join the community of satisfied homeschoolers who have found reading and math success with MindPlay. Start your free trial today and open the world of reading and math to your child.