Unlock Each Student's Path to Success with MindPlay Benchmark Assessment System

Effectively and accurately pinpoint each student’s needs and areas of growth to unlock their full potential

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Reliable Insights to Pinpoint Every Student's Area of Need in Reading and Math.

Trusted and reliable screening and assessment tools are essential for educators and parents. By embedding actionable insights with effective intervention strategies, we empower educators and parents to address each student’s distinct needs. This fosters an environment where personalized approaches guide every student on their journey to achieve proficiency in reading and math.

MindPlay Screeners and Assessments include:

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Dyslexia Screener

Identify early signs associated with dyslexia in K-3 students, indicating the need for additional support or professional screening.

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Benchmark Screener

Pinpoint the strengths and areas of growth for each student’s reading skills, then create a customized learning plan that you can continuously monitor.

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Lexile Test

Identify the unique reading abilities of each student and assign them an appropriate Lexile measure and reading materials, with updates every 15 days.

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Math Screener

Quickly and accurately identify a student's skill level in each domain four times a year and ensure skill level mastery and improvement.

Create a Path to Reading Success with MindPlay’s Comprehensive Assessments

To signal signs of dyslexia or pinpoint areas of challenge, MindPlay’s researched-based assessments: 

  • Identify each student’s strengths and areas of growth in phonics, vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, and more.
  • Empower teachers to track student progress and make informed decisions regarding learning goals throughout the year. 
  • Ensure optimal support for every skill level and ability, unlocking success for every student. 
  • Access essential data that informs instructional decision-making, benefiting not only specific grade levels but also entire school districts.
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Proven to Unlock Student Success

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