Unaddressed reading difficulties affect students
at every grade level, in every subject

Enables every teacher to have the knowledge to help students to comprehend literature, science, social studies texts and math story problems.

Teacher Companion™ is the instructional product resulting after 15 years of collaborating among well-known reading assessment and intervention experts. To learn more, please contact MindPlay at 1-800-221-7911 or info@MindPlay.com.

MindPlay Teacher
Companion™ Specs

Drs. Nancy Mather and Janice Sammons of the University of Arizona partnered with Dr. Blanche Podhajski and Marilyn Varricchio of the Stern Center for Language and Learning to continue their quest in helping all teachers know how to deliver effective, scientifically-based reading instruction.


These leading experts estimate that 95 percent of all students will be able to read fluently when teachers expand their expertise with this knowledge.


MindPlay’s Teacher Companion extends teacher knowledge of research-based best practices and establishes a common language among teachers and students enabling clear communications. The web-based program contains eight modules:


  • •  Introduction
  • •  Phonemic awareness
  • •  Phonics
  • •  Grammar for meaning
  • •  Fluency
  • •  Vocabulary
  • •  Comprehension strategies
  • •  Conclusion

Who benefits from using

MindPlay’s Teacher Companion?

While earning eight hours of professional development credit, Teacher Companion™ will enable teachers to:

  • fill gaps in reading instruction knowledge
  • understand how the English language works
  • effectively deliver systematic reading instruction using the lessons and activities provided in MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach program

  • successfully meet the educational literacy needs of every student

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