Teacher Newsletters

June 2020: Virtual Charter School Students Achieve Outstanding Reading Growth with MindPlay

Epic Charter Schools is a free PreK-12 public school serving the State of Oklahoma for students and their parents seeking a non-traditional educational setting utilizing virtual, individualized instruction.

March 2020: Deondra Warner, M.Ed., Section 504 Coordinator & Leigh Ann Norris, a Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Deondra used MindPlay with approximately 600 students, many of whom received accommodations and/or were identified as dyslexic. Leigh Ann used the program with her math students. Both teachers also emphasized the importance of teacher buy-in and the impact teacher attitudes have on student success.

January 2020: – MindPlay Usage Contributes to a District’s Grade Level Increase

Teacher Newsletter Hello MindPlay Teachers! Elizabeth J. Lolli, Ph.D., Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools, offers great advice on successful implementation strategies as well as ways the district will continue to use MindPlay and support teachers and administrators in the process. Congratulations Dayton! Another success story comes from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Project Act. Project Act provides direct instructional and support services to homeless children and youth. The Director of Project ACT, Dr. Marcia Zashin reports that after just two weeks of consistent use, MindPlay teaches children and youth reading skills they can use in school and throughout their lives.

October 2019: Assessments Verify Reading Improvements for Middle and High School Students using MindPlay

Middle and high school students identified with phonics deficits were placed on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MindPlay) for the 2018-19 school year. -New! Class Intervention Report for MindPlay Virtual Reading CoachTM MindPlay’s new Intervention Report is designed to help teachers easily organize and target small group instruction.

June 2019: Encouraging accounts of success with diverse groups of students

Story 1: Ms. Laing uses MindPlay with a diverse group of students, including those with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and high functioning autism. Ms. Laing praises MindPlay, as “very easy to use” because students, and their teacher, always know where they are and where they are going. Story 2: In this article, Dr. Bauer-Kealey provides a summary of her research conducted with a group of community college students.

March 2019: Inspirational Stories

Exciting news: Student Achievement Reward Page is in redesign. We are also excited to share these two MindPlay Newsletter success stories with you.

January 2019: MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach success stories

Story 1: Middle School Students Achieve Maximum Grade Level Improvement in Reading using MindPlay. Story 2: Third Grade Struggling Readers Achieve Outstanding Reading Gains in a MindPlay Preview.