Challenging and enjoyable activities help students learn new words

MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach Vocabulary instruction helps students learn new words, expand their knowledge of existing words, and teach students how to derive word meanings from context and structural analysis.

The Vocabulary segment addresses the most important aspects of vocabulary set forth in the Common Core State Standards: associating words and pictures, recognizing synonyms, matching antonyms, identifying words within lexical clusters, using structural analysis to derive the meaning of unfamiliar words and words with multiple meanings.

Strategies for teaching vocabulary include:

  • familiarizing students with the five words featured in the module (Pictabulary).
  • discriminating each of the words (Word Quest).
  • developing a memory image of the word (Word Castle).
  • learning how to retrieve the words from memory (Letter Up).
  • tracking the words in a moving matrix using meaning cues (Dragon Word).

There are 20,000 + words included in the Vocabulary program.

Vocabulary works with synonyms, structural analysis, memory, context clues, lexical clusters, antonyms, definitions, and common words to high-value unfamiliar words.