Phonics is the educational means to breaking the language code

Phonics curriculum teaches the correspondence between the phonemes, which is the sounds of English language, to the graphemes, which are the letters that represent them.

MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach uses Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) to teach reading effectively. CAI refers to the use of computer technology to facilitate learning. Research has shown that well-designed and implemented CAI can significantly improve student achievement by building a foundation for learning to read.

Virtual Reading Coach Phonics curriculum teaches students the alphabetic principles that enable them to decode and read words, so they can read with automaticity, fluency, expression and comprehension. They learn sound-symbol relationships, long and short vowels, consonant digraphs, diphthongs, blends, syllable types, Latin roots, and Greek roots. Through MindPlay’s proprietary technology, students are active participants in their own learning making it easy for students to learn quickly.

With CAI, phonics instruction is guaranteed to be systematic and explicit – a requirement for a successful reading program.  When phonics is taught with software, key concepts can be represented as frequently as necessary until each child grasps the concept.

The Phonics instruction helps students learn and practice these skills: letter recognition, keyboard positions, sound-spelling correspondences, articulation, spelling patterns, alternative spelling patterns, spelling rules, syllabication, multi-syllable decoding and irregular word recognition.

Virtual Reading Coach Phonics curriculum uses the power of technology to:

  • provide 66 direct, explicit and systematic lessons.
  • strategically assign mastery-based phonics instruction, with individual students only receiving the instruction they need.
  • offer up to 21 alternative instructional presentations and additional remedial instruction for each objective.
  • deliver phonics lessons reinforced through 12 different, interactive practice activities.

The phonics instruction uses innovative software, so phonics lessons are automated and adaptive based on a student’s unique needs.