Improves reading fluency and comprehension skills in hours, not years

MindPlay Reading Fluency™ is an online training program that makes reading more enjoyable by systematically improving reading speed and comprehension.

MindPlay’s Reading Fluency (formerly known as FLRT®), is available as part of MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach program or as a separate teaching tool.

MindPlay’s Reading Fluency program:

  • enables students to progress at their own pace and reading level.
  • provides reading practice with narrative and expository texts.
  • includes a library of over 1,000 stories, levels K-12.
  • provides comprehension questions based upon Common Core Standards.
  • adapts speed and practice to meet the needs of each student.

Comprehension questions follow each passage and provide practice in specific reading strategies, such as finding the main idea, drawing inferences and identifying elements of a plot.

Preview questions and text clues provide additional support for comprehension.

Who benefits from using MindPlay Reading Fluency™?

General education students who have basic decoding and word recognition skills but need to improve reading fluency and develop a broader range of comprehension strategies.

Benefits include:

  • improves fluency by providing sufficient reading practice at appropriate rates of speed
  • easy to use, automated, and adaptive
  • improves visual scanning efficiency
  • provides guided practice in silent reading fluency
  • three or more stories can be read in one 20 minute session
  • length of each story matches the students reading speed

Multiple data reporting options can be exported as PDFs for easy sharing with students and parents, including:

  • District, school, class and student reports
  • Track progress for words per minute read
  • Number of stories completed
  • Number and type of questions answered
  • Attendance
  • Time on task

Each student can learn at their own speed, accessing four self-paced activities.

  • Visual Scanning — uses shapes and numbers to practice efficient eye tracking
  • Word Match — develops automaticity for high frequency and sight words
  • Single-line Reading — develops left to right orientation and phrasing skills
  • Multi-line Reading — transfers newly acquired reading speed to connected text