High School Level Testimonials


 Tech-Savvy Intervention Manager Harnesses Grapevine for Educator Buy-In

District’s Intervention Program Manager says viral communication about MindPlay’s success inspired more and more schools to adopt it as a reading solution. “We never mandated the use of MindPlay but allowed word of mouth to determine which schools would implement it,” she says.

 A Coordinator of Continuous Improvement Supports a Transitioning District

With the student population growing by more than 1,000 over the past five years, and an influx of ESL, ELL, dyslexic and other learning-disabled learners, a district-level coordinator of reading intervention implements MindPlay in second-through-12th grade classrooms resulting in “outstanding gains.”

Years of Academic Failure Reversed for Troubled High School Student

A Reading and RTI Specialist details the transformation of an at-risk teen’s life through the MVRC reading program. After being a gang member and frequently incarcerated, a young man gains new confidence with his reading progress, obtains a job and has a brighter future.

Exchange Student Masters the English Language

A high school exchange student goes from a B to an A+ average in a rigorous Honors English class after using MindPlay. Her teacher says MindPlay increased the girl’s level of confidence in English and also greatly improved the fluidity of her papers.

The World Opens Up to a Cognitively Disabled High School Student

A student reading at a first-grade level gains seven grade levels in reading in a year and a half with MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach, opening up the world to her for the first time.

Middle and High School “Critical” Readers Succeed on MVRC

Sixth-through-eleventh-grade students in a high-poverty inner city school were reading at a first-grade level in September. After less than a year using MVRC, they are earning As and Bs in their class coursework across the board.