Here is what parents, students, and teachers are saying about MindPlay

MindPlay helps when no one else will.


Second Grade: Meeting Whole-Class Reading Needs

In a class of 19 second-graders at various skill levels in reading, the teacher sees “amazing” results with MindPlay after one semester. On a national reading fluency test, learners doubled or nearly doubled their word- per- minute fluency and even those who did not make benchmark made significant improvements.

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Ohio Middle and Elementary Students See Up to Four Times Greater Reading Growth with MindPlay

430 struggling grade five-through- eight students on MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach show four times the improvement of non-MindPlay students. Results are verified by a range of assessments.

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 Tech-Savvy Intervention Manager Harnesses Grapevine for Educator Buy-In

District’s Intervention Program Manager says viral communication about MindPlay’s success inspired more and more schools to adopt it as a reading solution. “We never mandated the use of MindPlay but allowed word of mouth to determine which schools would implement it,” she says.

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 Mother of Home Schooler Recommends

“As a mother, I cannot recommend MindPlay enough. We have tried everything including private tutoring and MindPlay is what has helped Aiden the most. This is an invaluable tool to help students improve their reading and writing skills.”

Laura O, Parent, Seattle Washington

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