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How a Teacher and Mom Copes with Remote Learning

It takes an especially organized and calm professional to meet the needs of students with learning differences while also dealing with kids at home.

Dyslexia Resource Guide

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, a good time to learn more about this learning difference that affects as many as one in five individuals. This guide offers seven websites to get you started.

Tips for Parents from Homeschool Experts

Part 2 of a series on helping parents cope with distance learning.

Special Needs Back to School Tools

Whether your student is learning at school, at home or in a hybrid situation, here are some tools that will help them keep organized and engaged.

MindPlay Named Finalist for 2020 Tech Edvocate Award

MindPlay has been recognized for its contribution to helping kids learn to read.

Give Your Learner a Leg Up This Fall

A key way to ensure your learner(s) either catches up or exceeds academically is to encourage reading, especially during this time when many kids have less busy schedules than before the quarantine.

Tips for Parents from Homeschool Experts

Homeschooling Can be an Unexpectedly Tough Challenge. Hear what veteran homeschoolers say works best. Part 1 of a series.

How to Help Your Learner With Dyslexia

When adults better understand the challenge, learners reap huge benefits.

Student Reading Soars with MindPlay Distance Learning

Distance learning does not need to cause skill loss as is often a common assumption. In some instances, it can be quite the opposite. A case in point is MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). Education leaders and parents are reporting remarkable student reading progress while using MindPlay in distance learning settings.

10 Tips for Educators and Parents on Choosing an Effective Distance Learning Program

10 Tips for Educators and Parents on Choosing an Effective Distance Learning Program. Distance learning is here to stay, even as “brick and mortar” schools re-open. But all distance learning programs are not equal. What should schools and parents be looking for? Evidence of effectiveness, affordability, and science of education-based are among the tips in this piece.

MindPlay Edvocacy Award

Please take a quick minute to nominate MindPlay for an industry award

District Reports 62% Greater Reading Growth with MindPlay

Remote learning does not need to cause skill loss. More than 600 Dayton (OH) students studying from home gain a year’s growth in reading just since school closures two months ago.

600 Dayton Students Gain A Year’s Reading Growth Since School Closures

Remote learning does not need to cause skill loss. More than 600 Dayton (OH) students studying from home gain a year’s growth in reading just since school closures two months ago.

MindPlay and Mo. Intervention Specialist Featured in District Administration

In the April 2020 edition of District Administration magazine, Lessons and Listening features Literacy Intervention Specialist Amanda McCaleb from Springfield (MO) Public Schools.

Seven Tips for Parents Schooling Special Needs Kids

A special education teacher offers struggling parents 7 tips for helping out their special needs kids during school closures.

Media Alert!

While Schools are Closed, MindPlay can Help!

MindPlay, Dayton Superintendent Featured in Tech & Learning

MindPlay and Dayton superintendent profiled in Tech & Learning magazine. Dr. Elizabeth Lolli details how and why MindPlay has helped pull up the district from an “F” grade to a “C” grade in closing the achievement gap.

Online Resources for Schools and Parents During Closures

A special education teacher offers a list of teaching resources and tips for parents while students are sheltering at home.

MindPlay Slashes Cost to Aid Districts During Closures

MindPlay is slashing prices to aid educators, students and parents during this time of coronavirus.

Helping Kids Retain Literacy Skills Over Winter Break

Though longer school vacations allow kids to spend valuable time with family or take extended trips, even two weeks can be too long a time for a child who needs daily reinforcement of literacy skills. Here are ten family-centric things parents can do to ensure their children don’t fall behind over the holiday.

MindPlay Literacy Tutoring: Time and Money Efficient

This year, parents may spend up to $100 an hour for tutoring from a qualified teacher and on average $150-$200 a month for a learning center. At $25 a month for unlimited access and fast results, parents are finding that MindPlay is the smarter option.

Back to School: 7 Tips to Help Your Student Stay Organized

Routines and simple organizational measures can have a very big impact on a student’s success in school. Here are 7 tips for parents.

Reading: 4 Keys to College and Career Readiness

Throughout the decades since “A Nation at Risk” was first published, education research has focused on a range of areas and practices in seeking solutions to the dilemma of struggling readers. Four areas stand out, not only as keys to reversing the too-often inevitable life trajectory of the at-risk reader, but to equipping them with the college and career readiness skills that have become a national priority.

Dyslexia Connection Chooses MindPlay as First Review

The International Dyslexia Association chooses MindPlay as the first solution to review in online direct instruction.

MindPlay Honors Educator-Users with Creation of MindPlay Advocacy Group

MindPlay honors educators who have provided the valuable product testing and feedback that has propelled the company to a top leadership position in the field of reading.

Dr. Royce Avery Represents MindPlay at Texas Awards Ceremony

The superintendent of a large, transitioning district represents MindPlay after seeing dramatic success in reading achievement across multiple grade levels.

MindPlay Named One of 20 Most Promising Education Technology Solutions Providers of 2019

MindPlay is recognized by CIO Review as a leading educational software developer. The magazine details how MindPlay comes to the aid of students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and helps educate teachers in the science of reading and the best ways to address the issues of struggling readers.

Never Too Late to Learn to Read

A new study bucks the widespread conventional belief that older learners are not capable of acquiring literacy skills. Research conducted by Dr. Meredyth Kealey at Arizona’s Pima Community College demonstrates that, given the right instruction, all students can learn to read.

MindPlay Named Finalist in Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence 2018

MindPlay called out by Tech & Learning magazine as 2018 Award of Excellence finalist and Company to Watch in 2019. Current issue showcases MindPlay in Awards of Excellence 2018 feature, noting that “each finalist offers unique solutions to specific problems in the classroom, school or district.”

Community College Students Make Big Reading Gains in Six Weeks

A six-week adult literacy study shows struggling readers increased their overall language literacy skills by more than 60 percent using the online MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). Students also significantly increased their comprehension skills, with their word per minute fluency going from an average of 109 to 169 WPM.

Mindplay’s New Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators Equips Teachers with the Knowledge They Need to Help All Students Learn to Read!

New course equips all teachers to deal with learning- disabled students. The online course addresses the crucial role of in-depth professional development in supporting developing and struggling readers.

MindPlay Washington Community Success Story

Indiana third-through-sixth graders see literacy scores soar after eight months on MVRC. District reports a 42 percent leap in those Exceeding proficiency.

MindPlay Preventing Summer Slide 2018

Summer slide is rightly a concern for every teacher and parent of a school-age child, but for parents of dyslexic and other learning- disabled kids, it is especially dangerous. A licensed dyslexia therapist offers nine tips to prevent the slide.

Become a MindPlay Author Contest

Teachers, encourage your students to end the year with a bang. This real-world writing contest offers an opportunity for them to publish their work and for winners and their teachers to earn $100.

National Reading Month Success Series: At-Risk Third Graders Attain Reading Proficiency in Five Months

After five months with MVRC, ESL, ELL, struggling and dyslexic third graders go from 54 percent to 23 percent Critical, and others make dramatic reading gains across the board, as well.

National Reading Month Success Series: District Sees Growth of Three-Plus Grade Levels in Reading for More Than 100 Students During 12 Week Pilot

A large urban, diverse, high-poverty district of 18,000 students serves a student population representing more than 90 languages. After 12 weeks on MVRC, EL, struggling and non-struggling students all showed dramatic gains with personalized diagnoses and instructional pathways.

MindPlay Awarded 2018 Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resource

How to Homeschool’s Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resources of 2018 award honors products for kids that provide breadth, depth and engagement that are appropriate to each child’s learning style.

National Reading Month Success Series: Middle School Struggling Readers Average Two Years’ Grade Level Growth in One Semester

Struggling grade six-through-eight students make dramatic reading gains with the MindPlay Literacy online program. In August, the average reading level for most learners was third to fourth grade, with the average for Special Education students second to third grade. By the end of just one semester, all the students were at grade level.

Are you Dyslexia aware? Take this short, 10 question quiz

Are you Dyslexia aware? Dyslexia is the most common disability affecting young learners today, but it is often misunderstood. Test your knowledge with a 10-question true/false quiz about the common myths and misunderstandings surrounding the learning disability.

MindPlay Celebrates National Dyslexia Awareness Month With New Testimonials Showing Successful Interventions for Struggling Readers

To assist educators and families with dyslexic and struggling readers, MindPlay has added more testimonials on its website detailing dramatic successes with dyslexic, autistic, ADHD, cognitively disabled and English Language Learners in grades K through 12.

MindPlay Case Endorsement

For the third year in a row, the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) has officially endorsed MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach as a product that continues to effectively meet the needs of special education students. CASE is an affiliate of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

MindPlay Universal Screener Uses Adaptive Technology to Assess Students’ Reading Skills and Prescribes Interventions

Today’s education headlines increasingly point to the crucial role of screening students for learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD, and also for establishing a baseline for students who aren’t struggling. MindPlay has pioneered a solution that works for all students.

MindPlay Launches Online Professional Development Course for Educators to Learn About the Reading Disability Dyslexia

MindPlay launched a new online professional development course, Understanding Dyslexia®, for K-12 teachers and parents. It offers expert knowledge on identifying students who have dyslexia and instructional strategies that help them learn to read.

MindPlay Introduces at RTM CIO Congress New Professional Development Program About Dyslexia for Teachers and Parents

At the RTM conference for school chief information officers and technology coordinators, literacy publisher MindPlay introduced a new online professional development program, Understanding Dyslexia®, for K-12 teachers and parents.

Reading Instruction Leader MindPlay Introduces Newly Branded Online Products for K-12 Students and Teachers

MindPlay’s student users now include a wider spectrum of ages, and with the recent launch of the Teacher Companion resource, the company also expands offerings to include professional development for teachers.

MindPlay Launches Online Professional Development Course for Educators

MindPlay launched a new online professional development course for K-12 teachers and parents offering expert knowledge on identifying students who have dyslexia and instructional strategies that help them learn to read.

MindPlay Goes Mobile With New Online Reading Fluency Trainer To Improve K-12 Students’ Reading Levels

MindPlay’s FLRT®, a fluent reading trainer, improves students’ reading levels within 10 hours through revised leveled text and comprehension questions that now meet Common Core Standards.