MVRC Supports Middle School Students in Summer School

group of students

Eighth grade students who participated in Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach during summer school increased reading skills from 1.5 to 3 years in only 16 days.

In 2013, 68 students who had just completed the eighth grade participated in a four-hour summer school program. Students split time between a focus on reading and a focus on math. During the reading portion, researchers determined that MVRC was used 78% of the time (as is recommended) to provide individualized reading instruction.

Students with initial scores indicating a reading level of 5th grade 7th month increased to 7th grade 2nd month (an increase of 1.5 years). Students who started at or above 8th grade level increased to the 11th grade 2nd month.

In this study, MVRC had a significant impact on middle school students’ reading growth, specifically in the area of fluency.

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