Become a MindPlay Author Contest Rules and Guidelines

1.  Eligibility and word count: all students in grades 1-12 are eligible. Entries may be fiction or non-fiction, and may focus on any topic or subject area.
– Elementary grades (1-5):  maximum word count: 400 words
– Secondary grades (6-12): maximum word count: 1,000 words

2.  Entries will be judged on strong writing skills, engaging and original content, as well as:
– Fiction entries: creativity, story development, impact
– Non-fiction entries: solid research, clear presentation, value of content

3.  There will be two winners per grade level. Entries will be judged by the MindPlay team. Winners will be notified on or before the end of July, 2018.

4.  Winning entries will become part of MindPlay’s publishing content library and each winner and their teacher will receive a $100 gift card.

5.  All entries must be original and previously unpublished. Use of copyrighted characters, including fictional characters in movies, video games, etc. is prohibited. With the exception of historical and publicly known figures, please do not use real names of people. Entries should not be promotional in nature (of products, companies, etc.).

6.  Submission details: Above the title students must indicate their first name and last initial, grade level, name of teacher, name of school, and whether the entry is fiction or non-fiction.

7.  Consent: All entries MUST have parent/guardian consent to publish. Please download consent form and  keep signed forms on file. 

8.  MindPlay reserves the right to edit winning entries for grammar, usage, etc.

9. Deadline: submissions accepted from April 16th to June 12th, 2018. All entries must be received by midnight June 12th, 2018 Pacific time.