MindPlay Literacy Tutoring: Time and Money Efficient

This year, parents may spend up to $100 an hour and higher for tutoring by a qualified teacher, and on average $150 to $200 a month at a learning center, which often provides small group instruction rather than individualized tutoring. One well-known national learning center charges $45 an hour for K-12 students; fees increase according to subject area and number of visits. They also charge a registration fee, assessment fees, and materials fees, and ask for payment in advance.

For all of the above options, cost goes up as tutoring time increases. Another option is online tutoring. One of the more popular options charges $128 a month for eight hours and more as hours increase.

Beleaguered parents often face a very tough decision: allow their child to continue struggling, or put themselves in jeopardy financially. No parent should have to make that choice.

In order to avoid this dilemma, many parents have turned to the MindPlay online solution, and have found that its Orton-Gillingham based method is the one approach that has gotten through to their child. Time and money efficient, it is individualized, beginning with a personal screening and followed through with by tailored multisensory lessons.

Testimonials from parents who’ve used the program with their children include:

  • We have used MindPlay for a year for my two daughters who are 16 but working at a 3rd and 5th grade level. MindPlay has been a blessing. Its ability to evaluate and start them at the level they are at is great.
  • This is my second subscription for MindPlay. Our first one helped my daughter jump 3 grades in her reading and also helped her with spelling.
  • My 13 year old son began using mind play at age 12 in grade 7. His phonics level was at or near grade 1. His reading was at or near grade 3. We were desperate! I pulled him out of school and we started Mindplay. It is less than 1 year and he is now at a phonics level of grade 6, reading comprehension 6, and fluency grade 6!
  • After 32 hours of MindPlay, my dyslexic daughter jumped up one full grade, but the biggest payoff is that she now loves to read!
  • My son is 12 with developmental disabilities. He started the program at the Kindergarten independent reading level and has progressed to the second grade independent reading level in just 6 months.
  • My 11 year old son struggled with reading fluency and comprehension. We noticed a difference within 2 weeks in his skills in these areas.

I was totally ready to cancel if my child didn’t respond because of the expense, but I wouldn’t dream of cancelling at this point.

The MindPlay solution is $25 per month and offers a 7-day free trial. Screening, lessons and assessments cover: phonics; phonemic awareness; vocabulary; grammar for meaning; comprehension; and fluency. Other features include video tutors, ongoing progress reports, 24-hour access at no additional cost and printable certificates of skill mastery. For more information visit mindplay.com.

The MindPlay Team