Back to School: 7 Tips to Help Your Student Stay Organized

By Maria Laing

The beginning of the school year can be very stressful for students, especially if they have special needs. Being prepared and establishing routines from the first day of school will facilitate your child’s success. The following are study and homework tips that can help with this task.

Establish Before and After School Routines

Plan and discuss with your child the daily routines that will happen once school starts. Make sure to communicate any day-to-day changes in the routine before your child goes to school.

Keep a Calendar /Agenda

Staying organized is very important. Use a calendar to write all the monthly assignments for each class. Knowing when the tests and projects are, will help break up the assignments into manageable chunks. It will also reduce the stress that the significant assignments can bring on the student.

Color Code

Color coding books and folders according to the subject will help with organization in class and at home.

Create a Homework Station

Having a quiet place at home with all school supplies handy will help to eliminate distractions and off-task behaviors while doing homework.

Use Checklists

Making checklists of assignments and work that needs to be completed will also help your student stay organized. Also, checklists give a sense of accomplishment, especially when there are a lot of tasks involved.

Check-in, Check-up, and Check over

Homework time can be challenging for students. First, check in to see what homework was assigned. Have your child start his work independently while you are around the area. Check up on his/her progress and provide quick help if necessary. Once homework is done, check over it to make sure it is completed.

Homework is a way for a teacher to see if the student understood the skill taught; therefore, the work should be done by the student to the best of his or her ability.

Look Over Notes Each Night to Make Sure You Understand Where Your Student Stands

Studying a little every day will help your student reinforce the concepts taught during the day. In addition, it will also help him or her be prepared for the next day’s class and to be aware of any areas that need more explanation or practice.

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Maria Laing is an Elementary Special Education teacher, the 2018 Florida Atlantic University Lab School District Teacher of the Year and Mindplay manager for the district.