Dr. Heidi Kloos

Director of Children’s Cognitive Research Lab & Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Cincinnati

Dr. Heidi Kloos is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests are the basics of knowledge development and children’s STEM learning, using the lens of systems approaches. Dr. Kloos’ teaching interests lie in Statistics, Cognition, Learning, and Cognitive Development.

Dr. Heidi Kloos
  • 1992 -1992 ‘Stipendium des Deutschen Volkes’ Nomination for the ‘Stipendium des Deutschen Volkes’, Rudolf Koch, Germany, 05/1992 Status:Nomination Level:National Type:Monetary
  • 08-1995 -05-1996 University Exchange Student Scholarship University Exchange Student Scholarship, Karl-Ulrich University, 08/1995 – 05/1996 Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Monetary
  • 2000 -2000 DeMund Memorial Scholarship Nomination for the DeMund Memorial Scholarship, ASU Status:Nomination Level:University Type:Monetary
  • 08-2000 -05-2001 Graduate Research Award Graduate Research Award, ASASU, ASU Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Monetary
  • 08-1996 -05-2001 University Graduate Scholarship University Graduate Scholarship, ASU ASU Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Fellowship
  • 2002 -2002 Travel Grant Travel Grant, National Science Foundation, 06/2002 National Science Foundation Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Monetary
  • 2005 -2005 Faculty Research Fellowship Faculty Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 12/2005 Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Fellowship
  • 2007 -2007 Breakfast of Champions Invitation to the Breakfast of Champions, 04/2007 Status:Nomination Type:Recognition
  • Instructor of the Year Department of Psychology, UC Type:Recognition
  • 04-20-2014 Advisor of the Year Status:Recipient Level:Department Type:Recognition
  • Ph.D. in Psychology: Arizona State University Temple, AZ
  • M.A. in Psychology: Arizona State University Temple, AZ
  • Exchange Student in Psychology: Arizona State University Temple, AZ
  • Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology: Karl-Ulrich University Tuebingen, Germany
  • B.A. in Psychology: Karl- Ulrich University Tuebingen, Germany

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