MindPlay Acquires LightSail Education

MindPlay Education has acquired LightSail Education, a leading K-12 digital literacy platform Press Release Contact Information:  MindPlay Education, LLC  Noah Sturdevant  520.221.7911  noah@mindplay.com  Release Date: March 16, 2023 Tucson, Arizona – For over 40 years, MindPlay Education has been providing learning  experiences to educators and families and continues to pave the way.   We are […]

MindPlay’s Universal Screener for Students

kids in computer lab doing universal screener for students

The right universal screener is an invaluable tool for educators and parents. It can assess students’ reading skills and quickly identify literacy struggles, so interventions can be designed and implemented immediately. Discover MindPlay’s Universal Screener – comprehensive software that works. Learn why it’s such a beneficial choice when assessing student progress in phonics, vocabulary, fluency, […]

MindPlay’s Math Screener for Students

math screener for students

Math literacy is essential for success in school and beyond. Math assessments are a powerful tool that help parents, educators, and school administrators assess skills quickly and accurately, ensuring students have the best chance of achieving in math at any level. MindPlay’s math assessment is designed to measure students’ skill levels and progress, so you […]